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Popular Summer Wedding Flowers

Posted on 27/02/2024

Summer is the most popular time of the year for weddings, and it's not hard to see why. The weather is pleasant, the days are long, and there are plenty of blossoming flowers to decorate the wedding venue. If you are looking for flowers to use in your own summer wedding, here are some of the most popular choices.


As one of the most romantic flowers, roses have been a popular choice as wedding decor for centuries. Whether you go with classic red roses or something more colourful like pink or yellow roses, they are sure to add a beautiful touch to your special day. Roses come in many different sizes and shapes, so you can find something that fits perfectly into your wedding bouquet or centrepiece.

wedding flowers bouquets


Another classic flower for weddings is lilies. These magnificent blooms come in a variety of colours such as white, yellow, pink and orange and can be used to make stunning bouquets and centrepieces. In addition, these tall flowers look great when arranged around your wedding aisle or altar. If you're looking for an elegant flower that will stand out from other traditional summer wedding flowers, then lilies are definitely worth considering.


Gardenias are known for their sweet scent which makes them appealing additions to any summer wedding. These delicate white flowers look great when incorporated into bouquets and centrepieces, particularly when paired with other pastel-coloured blooms like lilies or roses. As gardenias release their scent throughout the night, your guests will be charmed by their perfume.


Hydrangeas are large blossoms which look gorgeous when used as part of floral decorations. While they may not be as fragrant as roses or gardenias, hydrangeas make up in size what they lack in scent. These big blooms make perfect decorative pieces for both bouquets and centrepieces since their large petals can fill up a lot of space without taking away from other flowers in the arrangement.


For couples who want to really capture that summer feel at their wedding reception, sunflowers should definitely be considered as part of their floral decorations. Not only do sunflowers come in bright shades of yellow and orange which will ensure your space is filled with cheerfulness; but they also add a fun vibe to any setting since they represent joy and happiness.

Daisy Flowers

Daisies are classic Summertime wedding flowers that bring liveliness and fun energy to any occasion -- making them an ideal choice if you're looking for something adorable yet understated to add to your decorations. When placed on table settings or included in centrepieces along with other bright blooms such as marigolds or tulips, daisies will create a cheerful ambience that everyone will love letting loose at!

Baby's Breath

Baby's breath is often overlooked when it comes to Summertime weddings but this soft-coloured flower can truly elevate any floral arrangement without overpowering the other blooms used in the d%u0435cor. Not only do baby's breath petals provide texture; but they also have a beautiful ethereal feel which adds a whimsical touch to any setting--making them well worth considering when choosing which flowers you would like showcased on your own special day!

wedding flowers bouquets


For those couples desiring bolder tones as part of their floral decorations; tulips almost always guarantee sophistication while still being totally affordable! Available in various shades like blistering reds; deep purple hues; and playful pink tints; these vibrant blooms will instantly breathe life into any space--so it definitely pays off going all out when including these eye-catching beauties into your big day!


Carnations offer an intriguing option for couples wanting something different than standard wedding flora at their special occasion--which is why many brides opt for them over more frequently used flower varieties such as roses or lilies! Available in numerous different colours (even some bi-coloured hybrids); carnations make delightful accents that won't break the budget--while still providing ample dazzle throughout the reception atmosphere!


Summertime weddings offer endless possibilities when it comes to d%u0435cor, especially concerning which types of flowers should adorn the altar and tablescapes! From timeless classics like roses; delicate Gardenias; majestic Hydrangeas; sunny Sunflowers; captivating Daisies; whimsical Baby's Breath; vivid Tulips; unique Carnations, and even casual Wildflowers, there's truly no wrong choice when trying to decide on which type of bloom best suits your nuptials! And if you truly can't decide? Why don't you just choose them all?! After all - there's no better way than having all the summery vibes represented, even before loved ones arrive at your magical night!

Sara Marchetta
Sara Marchetta

Sara, a skilled professional in floral arrangements, is recognized for her ability to create beautiful bouquets and displays. Her designs have consistently met the diverse gifting requirements of a multitude of clients.