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What Do We Know About Flowers' History?

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What Do We Know About Flowers' History?
15Apr 2015

What Do We Know About Flowers’ History?

1. How long people have been planting flowers for?
People have been taking care of flowers for centuries. There are stone carvings of roses that have been proven to have been done 3000 years before Christ. In the pyramids in Egypt archaeologists have found seeds and leaves of rubber plant, date palm and other plants used for decoration. White roses and Madonna lily were extremely popular in ancient Jewry and narcissus and myrtle were the symbols of peace. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon for example are among the famous seven wonders of the ancient world. Many of the flowers that we know today have actually been loved by people for centuries.

2. How flowers were accepted by different ancient nations?
During the years flowers have always been accepted as symbols either of love, of hope, of innocence, etc. Ancient Greeks for example accepted the rose as a symbol of sorrow for the gone youth and Madonna lily was the symbol of innocence and purity. For ancient Egyptians the rose stood for a short life while the Madonna lily was the symbol of freedom and hope. Japanese people were the ones who saw Chrysanthemum as a symbol of the sky and Italians accepted it as a symbol of death. Chinese people used to express their love with the help of peonies and English people did the same with forget-me-nots. In France cloves were believed to stand for revolution and freedom while in Germany they symbolised faithfulness and trust.

3. What roses used to symbolise?
In ancient Rome every building was decorated with roses as they were taken as a symbol of bravery. Ancient Greeks used roses to worship the goddess of beauty – Aphrodite. Her temple was completely surrounded by bushes of roses. White rose was believed to be a symbol of silence that is why when an important conversation was about to take place people put white roses on the table meaning that everything said was to remain secret.

4. What lotus symbolised for ancient Egyptians?
Lotus (or also known as water lily) was the flower worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. They used it not only for decorating their homes but also for eating by boiling its roots and making flour of its seeds. People used it to express their love, artists painted it. It was also used by ancient Egyprian women to decorate their dark hairs.

5. What peony symbolises in China and violet and poppy – in Greece?
Peony is believed to be one of the oldest flowers that people started to take care of. For hundreds of years Chinese people have been decorating their temples with peonies. In ancient Greece all celebration were decorated with violets. Every spring children over the age of three were given violets as this flower was believed to be the symbol of innocence. Poppy was thought to help harvest. Athletes used to eat before games poppy with honey and wine for more strength and power.

6. Flowers used in armorials
The rose has been in the armorial of the Tudors for centuries. Iris was an armorial of the Burbons. Tulip, no matter it is now connected with Netherlands, was once in the armorial of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.