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Wedding Flowers Sources

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Wedding Flowers Sources
23Jul 2016

Wedding Flowers Sources

Many couples do their own wedding flower arrangements as they want to save some money or simply wish to get creative and be as much involved in the organization of their wedding as possible. It can be a real challenge to put together all the flower decorations, but it is definitely worth the effort. Finding the right flowers for your wedding would depend on the season, your location and the budget you have prepared, but with the following sources for wedding flowers you can be sure that your big day won’t suffer from a lack of fresh and beautiful flower decorations. Here are the top places to consider.

Wholesale Flower Markets
If you don’t have a direct access to such a market but a friend of yours does, try to make them go and take a look at what it is offered there. This is generally one of the best places for flowers in bulk in general. Florists and sellers go early in the morning in order to get the freshest flowers at affordable prices. The markets will be open around 3am so make sure you are there even if you have to drive a long way. This is the place where you can get flower fillers, supplies and decorations, as well as rare and tropical flowers.

Grocery Stores
This is the perfect source of wedding flowers if you are planning a small event in a close family circle. You are guaranteed fresh flowers at an affordable price and you can get them immediately before the big day.

A small florist’s shop can be just the source you are looking for. They can supply you with beautiful bouquets and fresh flowers they have just gathered from wholesale markets. A florist can assist you in choosing the right flowers according to size, colour and flower symbolism too.

Farmer’s Markets
Many of the vendors of fruits and vegetables grow flowers too. Their production is often exceptionally good, so don’t avoid farmer’s markets. If you have the time to visit one a few days before the wedding you can buy flowers in bulk and get valuable advice in terms of preserving them until the wedding day. The other option is to talk to a vendor who can deliver the flowers straight to you right before the wedding. This can be the easiest option, especially if you don’t have a big enough vehicle to transport them all on your own.
Mail Order
If you are too busy organizing the rest of the wedding and have no time to shop around, try ordering the flowers from an online store. This is a quick and easy option to get garlands, centerpieces and bouquets that are ready to adorn the wedding reception. However, this method has its disadvantages. One of them is that mail order is not very budget friendly when you are doing a big wedding.

Think About The Greenery
When you buy flowers from a wholesaler, greenery isn’t included so you need to shop for that separately. The greenery will form the base for every centerpiece and a background for the big flower arrangements. It’s an important part of the decoration, so don’t overlook it. One trick to remember is to order more than you think you need. You never know how the decorations will turn out to be, so it’s best to have more than less.

Once you get the flowers for the wedding you will need buckets of fresh water, a cool area to store them and lots of help for the decorations, as well as supplies of ribbons. Take good care of the flowers and you will be guaranteed a beautiful wedding.