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Vintage Wedding Flowers

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Vintage Wedding Flowers
17Mar 2014

Vintage Wedding Flowers

Planning a wedding with ‘vintage’ for theme includes many things, not just the invitations and the dress. You can create a true authentic feel with the flowers that you choose. Flowers have a huge role in every wedding, no matter what the theme is. Flowers can literally make or break a wedding. They need to be chosen wisely – flowers that will survive the wedding, flowers that don’t smell too strong, flowers that are not too flashy as this will distract the attention and flowers that match the theme and are suitable for all the various flower arrangements that need to be prepared (bridal bouquet, decorations, corsages, bridesmaids’ bouquets, centerpieces, garlands and many others). One of the great things about vintage flowers and arrangements is that they are very affordable. Here are the steps you should take.

Choose The Era For Your Wedding
First and foremost, you need to decide what vintage actually means to you. There are brides who seek a Victorian look for their wedding and those that simply want a wedding inspired from the 1920s or the 1950s. If you want a theme such as The Roaring Twenties you need to consider the entire theme until you talk to the right florist. If you want your own interpretation of a classic era, then you can do so, but you need to go into detail as there is a lot of information your florist will need in order to proceed with their work. Try sticking to one theme and don’t mix varieties as this can put off your guests and make it harder for them to choose what to wear.

Flower Choices
Even though there is no clear list of vintage wedding flowers, there are some types which are definitely not vintage so it is best to know them before you start. If you want to create a wedding that resembles your grandparents’ wedding, you need to understand that lots of the flowers we buy nowadays were too expensive and rare back then. These flowers include calla lilies, tropical flowers like the orchid and others. You need the classic and more traditional ones: roses, stocks, peonies, carnations, dahlias, sunflowers, delphiniums – these are some of the flowers which will guarantee a vintage theme and a beautiful decoration.

Bridal Bouquet
If you want to wear gloves during the ceremony you can carry a pomander bouquet. This stylish idea will draw all the attention to your hands and beautiful vintage gloves.

Bouquet Accessories
If you have any antique brooches or similar heirlooms you can incorporate these elements in the bouquet. Lace is very popular for wrapping a bridal bouquet in a vintage style. You could also add a small photo charm to the bouquet to honor your family’s history.

Antique Vases
If you want antique containers or vases for your flower arrangements, visit some antique shops and shop for these. This is the easiest way to find pieces which belong to the age you’ve chosen as your wedding theme. Discuss the different ways to incorporate such vases or urns. With the assistance of a good florist this shouldn’t be difficult. Make sure you have the right wedding planner – they will need an assistant on the theme if you want it correctly done.

Remember that the small details are what really make a wedding beautiful and memorable. If you want yours to be like that don’t overlook any element of it.