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Valentine’s Day: Should you Buy your Loved one Flowers?

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Valentine’s Day: Should you Buy your Loved one Flowers?
14Feb 2016

Valentine’s Day: Should you Buy your Loved one Flowers

A bunch of flowers is all too often seen as a last-minute gift with little though or attention, so you may well be put off buying that special someone a bunch of flowers. Even though, flowers make wonderful gifts, a statement of romance, adoration and love, and can genuinely impress that special someone, especially on Valentine’s Day. The single day of the year dedicated to romance and relationships is intrinsically linked with flowers, so how do you make your bouquet pack a punch, received with the genuine intent and thought they were sent with.

If you’re considering flowers for a loved one this Valentines, take a look through our handy guide to make sure you get it right.

Special Delivery
Who doesn’t love surprises? You might think that a surprise bouquet is a little out of your league, perhaps over flashy or over expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. A magnificent bouquet anonymously sent to a loved one at their place of work might work in the movies, but in real life? It will probably get stuck at reception, on the wrong desk, or simply embarrass someone making it an awkward day at the office. That doesn’t mean you can’t do surprises. Why not order a stunning bouquet to be delivered to the before they set of for work; a surprise gift of flowers as they wake up will not only make their day, but will gift them an extra boost during the day. You could also arrange for them to be delivered in the evening, the perfect surprise as your loved one starts to wind down after a long day.

Bouquets can be delivered to your specification from many florists and specialist online stores, many large supermarkets can also deliver bouquets, so you should always check delivery times and ensure it fits your schedule.

Hand delivered
Of course, you can always deliver the flowers yourself. Perhaps a surprise impromptu visit, or simply as you get in from work. For those that are in the early stages of a relationship, flowers are the ideal gift without getting too worried about the hidden meaning of certain presents, sizes or preferences. Why not arrange a lunch date if you work close by, surprise them at home or en-route to or from the office. Or, as ever, there’s always dinner, where turning up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers is certain to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Types of flowers
Roses are an obvious choice, but they’re not the only option available. You might not like the connotations of roses, it might be inappropriate, or perhaps you’re looking for a more unique and interesting choice. Basically, any flowers you think your Valentine might like are the perfect choice, you could go to a florist to look at personalised creative bouquets and ask their expert opinion on colours, varieties and display options. If you definitely want a bouquet of roses, why not look at some of the more interesting shades available rather than traditional red. Roses are available in a wide range of vibrant and rich shades.

For similarly striking flowers, why not opt for elegant lilies or orchards, they are truly beautiful flowers which are commonly available in exceptional colours which will make any receiver feel truly special. A larger plant in soft, delicate hues leaves a romantic, playful feeling for the perfect romantic gift, whereas deep, dark shades as elegant single plants are striking and dramatic, perfect for a declaration of love from a secret admirer.