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21Jun 2017

Indulge in Tulips

Flowers Delivery TulipsTulips once indicated abundance and indulgence and are now closely associated with the coming of spring, Mother’s Day and the Easter holidays. What better way to indulge your special someone than with a sweet bouquet of these lollipop-like blooms? There are 190 different types of tulip so your choices of combinations and colours is unending. We stock some of the most interesting tulip varieties around, so when you need a flower delivery of these lively, lovely flowers, think FlowerDelivery.org.uk.

Most people think that Tulips are only given once a year, when the days start to get longer and the air begins to warm. In your garden, yes, of course they only bloom when they are in season. These perennials are the subjects of much anticipation as the snow begins to melt. Children pay tribute to them in drawings of spring done in art class and they are everywhere at this time of year. But you can give a wonderful bouquet of Tulips at different times of the year and for many different occasions. Some people think that Tulips are not as serious a gift as roses. On the contrary, we have many tulip arrangements that are stunning in their elegance and bright-hued brilliance.

Tulips are pleasingly simple, which contributes to the elegance of an arrangement that has just a few blossoms or many. The clean lines of the tulip blend perfectly with many other blossoms, so the options are limitless. These lovely blossoms originated in Turkey and Persia, where they indicated abundance and indulgence during the years of the Ottoman Empire. That might be a surprise considering how closely we associate Tulips with the Netherlands – which is sometimes thought of as the world’s tulip capital. True, many thousands upon thousands of Tulips are grown there for shipment to the far corners of the world, but they were a new sight to behold in Europe in the 16th century.

Delivery Tulips Bouquets UKIt is easy to see why Europeans fell in love with Tulips, so much so that they made them their own. Today, Tulips can be seen in back gardens, botanical gardens and royal gardens all across Europe and all over the world. That is because of their regal stature and bold colors. They are perfect for a cultivated landscape and since they are perennials, planting them once will give you the gift of Tulips year after year. Aside from bountiful bouquets of Tulips, you can also purchase blooming Tulips bulbs from [COMPNAY NAME] to give your special someone a lasting gift to remember you by for years to come. These potted Tulips are the perfect present for anyone who loves gardening or even someone who is just starting out in the hobby.

Tulip bulbs and potted Tulips are the perfect gift for someone who has just purchased a new home – give him or her a gift that will symbolize growth and putting down roots during this momentous occasion. But Tulips symbolize many other emotions and important periods in one’s life. Yellow Tulips, for example, stand for cheer and joy. This is easy to imagine since the bright, sunny bulbs will immediately light up the room and the face of anyone receiving such a wonderful flower delivery. White Tulips are as elegant as can be and many people choose them as Wedding Flowers. But they also carry the meaning of a particular sentiment, so you can give them after a lover’s quarrel or a family conflict. White Tulips symbolize the sentiment of forgiveness – what sweeter way to reconcile than with a beautiful bouquet of simple, elegant white Tulips?

As the colours darken, so the emotions become a bit more serious and weighty in tone. Purple Tulips are for royalty, while red ones mean perfect love. Out of those 190 types of Tulips, horticulturalists have blended and developed 4,000 different varieties, meaning that you could give a tulip every day for years without every doubling up. There’s nothing more romantic than that.

Just think of all the ways that you can order Tulips from our website to show someone how you feel. With lilies and irises, you will have a bold statement of joy; with daffodils and lilacs you will be saying “Happy spring” to your loved one; and all on their own, you can convey the perfect simplicity of your relationship. Tulips are s popular and people are made so happy by seeing these princely blossoms that many cities celebrate Tulips with festivals and holidays. You can visit a tulip holiday almost anywhere in the world and join in the celebration of spring and new life that takes place when we first see the Tulips pushing up through the previously frozen ground.

Delivery Tulips FlowersSo if you are considering have flowers delivered from FlowerDelivery.org.uk for Mother’s Day, you have chosen the right place to start. Browse our expertly arranged and varied bouquets to see what appeals to you and to choose which combination of colours and blossoms you prefer. Then, order directly online or give us a call on 020 3900 2443 if you have something creative and special in mind for that special person in your life. We will deliver them the next day, bringing joy and happiness along with the bouquet. If it’s not Mother’s Day, you can consider Tulips as a birthday arrangement that is sure to please. Pick your friend’s, mum’s or partner’s favourite colour and wait for the smiles to come. If your best friend, cousin or daughter is welcoming a new baby, there is no better way to symbolize new life than with joyful Tulips. And for anniversaries, their sweetness says it all.

Once you start browsing our beautiful tulip bouquets, you won’t consider giving any other blossom to your loved ones. They are the perfect combination of whimsy, happiness and elegance that you will be proud to give for any occasion. Our prices will impress you along with our selection, so see how we can help you stand out with Tulips today.