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Traditional Sympathy Flowers

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Traditional Sympathy Flowers
07Dec 2015

Traditional Sympathy Flowers

Whenever someone dies, the moment is hard for both their relatives and friends. Even mere acquaintances feel the pain of the loss. That’s why it is more than logical to send flowers to express your sympathy and care for the family of the deceased. Nowadays, there are many flowers that are sent to show sympathy and they usually depend on the religion and country. However, there are some flowers which traditionally are associated with loss, sympathy, funerals and remembrance. They are mentioned here:

These beautiful flowers are given for many occasions, but are also associated with sympathy and funerals. In the Christian folklore the lilies represent resurrection. According to the language of flowers, the meaning of the lily is to stand for the innocence of the left soul. The most appropriate flower from the lilies is the white stargazer – it symbolizes sympathy and shows that you have lost someone you loved.

Carnations are one of the most popular sympathy flowers in many countries all over the world. They are grown in different colors, each of them with its own different meaning and symbolism. For instance, red carnations are known to express admiration, whereas pink carnations symbolize remembrance. White carnations represent purity. Therefore, a fine bouquet of variously colored carnations can be the perfect choice for such an occasion. Not only can you send carnations as sympathy flowers, arranged in a bouquet, but if the deceased was particularly close to you, you could have carnations arranged in a beautiful wreath. This is a great way to show to the family how much this person meant to you.

These perennial flowers originate from Asia and northeastern Europe. They are quite popular at funeral services in European and Asian countries. Chrysanthemiums make for fine floral arrangements and create nice combinations with carnations and roses for bouquets and wreaths. These flowers symbolize loss, death and grief and can be seen at almost any funeral service all over the world. What is interesting is that chrysanthemiums are used for reducing indoor air pollution. Moreover, the festival of happiness in Japan celebrates exactly this flower.

Roses are one of the most popular and bought flowers everywhere in the world, cherished for their colours, beauty and scent. Even though they are usually associated with love, romance and friendship, they are also popular as sympathy flowers. When put in different flower arrangements they look neat and appropriate. Just like carnations, roses can be found in different colours, each with its own specific meaning. Because of their rather formal appeal, they make for proper sympathy flowers. You can send a bouquet of roses with different colours and this will express your sympathy quite effectively.

These flowers are frequently used for arrangements of sympathy flowers. A classical arrangement you can see at funeral services is a fan spray with gladioli. Gladioli flowers represent valued character features: moral integrity, sincerity and the strength of one’s character. These meanings make them the perfect choice of sympathy flowers. Sending gladioli to the family of the deceased shows that you believe that person possessed these qualities, which is like a reverence to them, as well as to their family.

Nowadays, florists offer plenty of bouquets of sympathy flower, wreaths and fan sprays. There are traditional sympathy flowers, as well as some not so common ones you can get. Many people choose to buy the favourite flowers of the deceased, which I also a strong statement of remembrance and care in the times of grief.