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Top Ways To Buy Flowers Cheaply

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Top Ways To Buy Flowers Cheaply
07Aug 2013

Top Ways To Buy Flowers Cheaply

Flowers are some of the prettiest things we encounter in nature or buy from a flower shop. Everybody loves flowers and they can often make us smile more than words. They can adorn any home, office or event and are great options for a gift for somebody we love or care about. Buying flowers on a regular basis can be hard, though. Since flowers stay fresh between 4 days and 2 weeks, not many of us can afford a regular supply of flowers. Here are some of the ways to find and get flowers cheaply.

1.    Pick Flowers During Off Seasons
Would you like to find great flowers at affordable prices? Then avoid the peak buying season (spring and summer) and days like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the Christmas holidays. Most flower shops announce sales for the end of autumn, so that’s the perfect time to get beautiful and fresh flowers. During winter most flowers cost less as there is less buying, too.

2.    Look for Florist’s Discounts
There are great discounts for flowers online, if you know how to search for them properly. Various coupons and deals of the day can surprise you – they are sometimes 50% off the regular price. Moreover, if you are a member of an online shop and receive a newsletter you will probably get a special discount now and then. Regular clients also get discounts, so don’t switch shops too often. If you want to buy from your local flower shop, simply ask when they announce discounts and be there first to take advantage of it. Often there are even clearance sales, so you can buy flowers in bulk at a lower price.

3.    Purchase Bulk Flowers
Indeed when you buy flowers in bulk,  you can easily save some money. This can be done at a wholesale market, where buying in bulks is the rule. The trick is to go there early in the morning and not buy from the first seller at the entrance. You can even take a friend with you, so you get an even lower price on a bigger bulk of fresh and beautiful flowers. It’s the perfect way to get flowers for a big event or even for your wedding or graduation party.
4.    Search Different Websites
This is probably one of the easiest ways to find a cheap deal for flowers. There are hundreds of websites which offer flowers and delivery and in order to remain in the business they often offer different discounts. You can easily browse bouquets and arrangements proper for various occasions and you can even compare them based on their price. If you want cheap flowers, you can easily get them this way. The tough competition in online shopping makes most websites lower their prices considerably. You could even get free delivery based on the price that you pay for the flowers. This way it is much easier to choose flowers within your budget, instead of going to a flower shop, where you might not find anything for your money. Remember that you will probably have to pay the delivery or shipping costs and they vary. However, you save money on the arrangement and packaging material, as it is all included. To sum it up, it can be said that finding cheap flowers is not as hard as it may seem. As long as you do your part in terms of research, you can find some great deals.