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Top 5 Fall-blooming Flowers for Your Special Occasion

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Top 5 Fall-blooming Flowers for Your Special Occasion
07Oct 2019

Top 5 Fall-blooming Flowers for Your Special Occasion

Flowers can really make a venue come alive and if you are celebrating a big event this autumn, you should consider which flowers make for the best centrepieces for your special occasion. Whether you are getting married, celebrating a birthday or simply want to wow dinner guests with a stunning autumn display, check out these top five fall-blooming flowers that will make your event extra special.



Often referred to as floral stars, the aster is a flower that blooms in summer until late autumn and is a popular choice for wedding flowers. The aster has verdant green foliage and is available in lilac with yellow hearts, and in white and in vivid pink. These dainty flowers are actually very hardy despite their delicate appearance and are considered fantastic value for money. If you are looking for cheap flowers that look amazing, you need to consider the aster.


Anemones are frequently seen as pink flowering plants but are also available in white. Although many flower shops will have a variety of pink anemone flowers available, it may be easier to discover white varieties via an online florist. Like the aster, the anemone is a delicate flower that appeals to those looking for a wildflower aesthetic. Have these flowers delivered and create beautiful centrepieces for your big event, or even include them in a bouquet of romance flowers for a delicate touch.


You may be surprised to learn that sunflowers can bloom in autumn, but autumnal sunflowers provide a diverse selection of colours which create an impact as a bouquet or as a table decoration. You only need a few stems of sunflowers to create an eye-catching centrepiece, and even a single stem placed in a slender vase makes for a beautiful addition to small dining tables. To ensure your sunflowers remain fresher for longer, consider same-day flower delivery or next-day flower delivery from a company that specialises in careful delivery of these types of flowers.


This thorny plant still manages to have a beautiful appearance, despite its prickly nature. You will find this flower features in many Scottish couples’ wedding flowers and buttonholes but can also be used in other types of autumnal bouquet to create an unusual yet stunning look. The purple thistle is particularly dramatic when paired with white or cream roses. The purple hue of thistles is a great starting point for colour schemes and the deep colour is perfect for autumn weddings.


The always popular rose is available during the autumn months and is a firm favourite no matter what the occasion. When it comes to weddings or the romantic gift-giving of roses, these flowers will never date and are a traditional option for all occasions. If you want a truly autumn theme for your event, opt for deep reds, oranges and yellows and accompany the table setting or a bouquet surrounded by berries or fruits such as apples, pears and pomegranates. These types of place settings are perfect for dinner parties or even low-cost autumn wedding table centrepieces.

These are just five of the amazing types of flowers that bloom in autumn and you will discover that there are many more varieties to suit all manner of tastes and preferences. Play around with assorted flowers, matching softer blooms with hardier varieties for a contemporary twist. Pay with the way you present your flowers, from using recycled jam jars to placing different flowers in a collection of different sized vases. If you don’t intend on keeping your flowers for long and simply require them for a centrepiece, use the heads of larger flowers and float them in glass bowls of water.