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Top 10 Best Fragrant Flowers According to Florists

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Top 10 Best Fragrant Flowers According to Florists
18Feb 2020

Top 10 Best Fragrant Flowers According to Florists

The natural fragrance of a blooming flower is the best air freshener and what better way to welcome someone into your home than with the scent of freshly prepared flower arrangements? Discover which flower bouquets are the most beautifully scented by taking some tips from florists, who know precisely which blooms we should be looking for in our nearest flower shop. Enjoy our selection of top 10 best fragrant flowers according to the experts and fill your home or workplace with the sweet smell of freshly cut blooms.

cheap flowers online1. The Rose

In addition to looking beautiful, the rose is top of the list when it comes to wanting a sensational scent in your home. Roses are used in perfumes the world over, and their unmistakable aroma evokes feelings of romance and an English country garden.

2. Chocolate Cosmos

Chocoholics will adore the scent of this flower, and its vanilla tones are enough to make one’s mouth water. If you are planning to have chocolate cosmos flowers delivered to a friend or loved one, make sure they are accompanied by a box of chocolates so the recipient can satiate the appetite aroused by this deliciously scented flower!

3. Lily of the Valley

Like the rose, the lily of the valley is often used in perfumes which reveal what a popular scent the sweet-smelling flower is. Lily of the valley is favoured in wedding bouquets and has been for many years owing to its beautiful scent and gorgeous appearance.

4. Freesia

Subtle but still deserving of being on the list, the freesia is a flower that looks amazing in addition to smelling beautiful. For a bloom that smells like spring, choose the freesia.

5. Jasmine

This flower has a strong distinctive smell, which erupts before settling to a cooler aroma. The scent of the jasmine is yet another that appears in many elegant perfumes.

6. Lavender

Not to everyone’s taste (or smell!), lavender is known for its health benefits in addition to its distinctive smell. Often associated with older generations, lavender is making a comeback with younger people, especially those who appreciate the flower for its sleep-inducing benefits.

flowers near me online delivery7. Hyacinth

Not as pungent as lavender but quite often associated with it, hyacinth look amazing and smell great too. Expect a sweet, more floral scent than lavender and enjoy the flower in all its many colours.

8. Lilac

This flower is becoming very popular with brides who enjoy its scent and appearance in bouquets. A few sprigs of this purple flower are enough to bring springtime into your home.

9. Gardenia

Its waxy floral scent belies the fact that the gardenia is actually from the coffee family of plants. This flower is extremely popular for weddings and looks incredible while also presenting a very pleasant aroma indeed.

10. Sweet alyssum

These tiny flowers are spectacularly pleasant and are found blooming in clusters in Mediterranean regions. Sweet alyssum flowers make for beautiful bouquets and are a pretty addition to the dinner table or for springtime garden parties.

Fill your home with the heady scent of glorious flowers rather than relying on synthetic aromas from air fresheners and plug-in devices. The natural smell of freshly cut blooms is the perfect way to enhance the relaxing ambience of your home for every day or occasions when friends and family are round. Enjoy trying out different combinations of flowers too and choosing different bouquets for various rooms in your home. Should you be choosing scented flowers as a gift, find out what perfume the recipient wears and discover which flowers are used in its creation to gift your friend with flowers they will truly love.