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Tips For Arranging Beautiful Flower Bouquets

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Tips For Arranging Beautiful Flower Bouquets
29Jun 2014

Tips For Arranging Beautiful Flower Bouquets

Few things can brighten up a room or cheer up a person as much as a beautiful bouquet can. When you buy flowers from the florist, don’t just come home and dunk the flowers in a vase! Take some time to arrange them prettily so that you can enjoy them even more. Similarly, if you’re gifting flowers to a dear friend or a loved one, don’t just tell the florist to throw something together and wrap it up: spend some time on the design and arrangement and the recipient will love you all the more for the gesture and effort.

When you buy flowers from the florist, they usually trim the stems a little (not always though) and wrap the stalks in cellophane or paper and add a bow to the bundle. If you’re buying from a farmers’ market or directly from a grower, chances are you will probably be carrying the blooms home in an old newspaper.

Take the time to learn the art of flower arrangement and you can add beauty to your home and the lives of those you love for years to come!

To arrange the perfect bouquet, always begin with a colour scheme in mind. You can pick an obvious colour scheme: for instance, choosing a single colour family and sticking to shades within it or choosing a specific palette or combination to work with. If you want a brighter bouquet, pick a wider range of colours to work with.

Think of the theme or feeling you want to convey: the mood you want to set will define your vision and give you direction. So, if you want an elegant and refined bouquet, you should pick tasteful blooms in subtle colours like white, cream and pale pink. If you want to add a bold splash to the room, deep colours like wine red and purple and rich oranges are your best bet. If you want something soft and feminine, pastel colours are the way to go.

One of the most important decisions to make when arranging a bouquet is choosing the right kind of container.

If you have “tall” flowers with long stems, a high crystal vase will look wonderful. Place the flowers in the vase, add adequate water and spread the flowers out. You can start placing them in small circles, starting with a layer at the centre, then another layer surrounding it and so on, with the final layer spilling over the edges of the vase.

For shorter flowers, you can go in for smaller vases in chunkier designs and interesting shapes and angles. Let the focus be on the blooms themselves and minimize the visibility of the stems, stalks and foliage.

In either case, make sure that the flowers are fit into the container compactly: each flower should have enough space of its own without being crushed by the others, but at the same time, no flower should droop or fall over the edges. A sparse flower arrangement looks even worse than an overcrowded one!

If you love order and patterns, you can arrange flowers according to any design you like! For instance, if you’re arranging them in a circular pattern, create a “colour wheel” where you place one flower of each colour before repeating the cycle again. Or you could arrange the bigger flowers at the heart of the bouquet and the smaller flowers on the outside. You can even try an “ombre” arrangement and place the flowers in a colour gradient scheme, ranging from light to dark.

The actual trick to arranging a beautiful bouquet is in understanding balance. Balancing colours, heights, flower sizes and foliage is important because a bouquet should look perfect as a whole, and not like a random collection of perfect individual elements.

Once you’re satisfied with how the bouquet looks, trim the stalks at an angle, snip away any excess foliage and place the flowers in a vase with water and flower food. If you’re taking the flowers as a gift to someone, you can either place them in a flower or tie them into a proper bouquet using twine, ribbons and transparent wrapping. Flower baskets are also a darling option!