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The Secret Messages Hidden In Flowers

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The Secret Messages Hidden In Flowers
08May 2014

The Secret Messages Hidden In Flowers

If you think that the notion that flowers carry symbolize something or that they carry a secret meaning is from ancient times like some sort of an ever-lasting legend, you must know that you are wrong. Actually, it was not until the 19th century that it was first believed that flowers carry in themselves some sort of hidden power and potential. Initially, flowers meant love alone and each different flower stood for a different message. As you know in the past laws were stricter and flowers were a way for star-crossed lovers to communicate with each other since it was impossible for them to talk to each other normally. As you might have already figured out the love factor in the secret meaning of flowers is still very much in use. And, in all honesty, even though all of those claims saying that flowers have special meanings may seem a little exaggerated and totally out of touch with reality, there is some truthfulness in them and this article will explain to you the myth about secret messages in flowers from the very start.

Giving flowers as a symbol for emotion became popular three centuries ago when the famous and beautiful Lady Mary Montagu wrote letters to her friends. In those letters she suggested a secret way of communication involving small items, gifts and flowers. As you know poems and verses are in ways more popular back then than now so each item one person would give another would stand for one verse of a favorite poem or otherwise said-one feeling. For instance, a red rose would of course mean unnaturally strong love, which is signified by its strong aroma and the beautiful structure of the flower itself. A beautiful gem would stand for a royal treatment and admiration and so on and on. Similarly, later, flowers started to acquire their own different meanings according to their type. Nowadays, flowers and their meaning don’t matter as much but you can still read about them on the Internet, or in some specialized magazines, or in the newspaper. Generally, a good florist should always tell you what the perfect flower for a specific occasion or even a person is and what he will tell you will be exactly the same beliefs that lived on for all those years without changing. The problem is that in most cases different florists will tell you different things about one and the same flower.
image alt text: Champagne and flowers

This confusion is caused by the countless uses of a flower throughout the years. In order for a flower to stand for something, it needs to have been present or remembered for a special occasion like a royalty’s proposal or a famous kiss. And since one such a situation happened more than just once over the years it is not surprising that many flowers got to signify love, trust, passion, etc. Another, much simpler reason for the different meanings of flowers is the writer’s desire to expand and sell their material. Of course, with time passing not only flowers gained the meaning of other flowers but new and new meanings were invented. So, all in all, regardless of the original purpose of each different flower, now the truth is long lost among writers and sellers desire for wealth. If flowers signify one thing with certainty nowadays it is affection and respect and good luck. Naturally, if you want to find out the true meaning embedded in various flowers you can go check a dedicated florist and he will tell you the purpose of each and every different flower.