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The Most Beautiful Flowers To Give

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The Most Beautiful Flowers To Give
17Apr 2013

The Most Beautiful Flowers To Give

Lots of people claim that all flowers are equally beautiful – with their own specific charm an appeal. However, not all flowers appeal to everyone and there are some types which are truly captivating and stunningly beautiful and which everyone loves. When people talk of choosing the right flower to give to somebody they take into consideration many things – the person’s age, gender, personal taste, the occasion, their favourite colour and their personality.

There are many flowers that have a strong symbolism, connected with power, social status and strength and there are flowers that are simpler, gentler and more modest. The occasion is a strong factor in the choosing process, but not the only one. Beauty of flowers, just like any other, is indeed objective, but there are some flower types that are considered the most beautiful, extraordinary and unique ones and their magical appeal is undeniable. Any of these flowers makes a great gift and its rarity and exquisite nature makes the moment even more special. Here are the top such flowers and what makes them the most beautiful in the world and so strongly cherished.

Bleeding Heart
Traditionally red, pink or white, these lovely flowers are in full bloom from April to June and their name represents their shape – the blooms resemble tiny hearts with little drops of blood at each end. Their whimsical appearance makes them very popular in landscape design and florists’ favourite. Since they don’t usually grow more than three inches high, they look lovely in shade gardens.

Blue Bells
Blue in colour and shaped like small bells, these flowers got their name in the 19th century when they symbolized solitude and regret in romantic poetry. Their stems grow between ten and thirty centimeters and bend over at their top. Generally in bloom in April and May, Blue bells are truly stunning – simple, yet lovely and romantic.

The most popular flower in the world, in a wide range of colours, is of course the rose. With its sweet fragrance, soft petals and various meanings, the rose is the perfect flower for a huge variety of occasions. Some of the popular types are hybrids – English rose, Polyantha, China, Gallica and more.

Originally from England, the Begonia is now widely spread in the United States and can be found in over 1500 species. It has pretty yellow petals and red tips. It’s often given as a potted plant.

One of the types of Orchids, this beautiful flower was discovered in the 18th century. Cherished for its delicacy and perfect shape, its petals are a combination of lavender, white and yellow.

Originally from the tropical region of India, it’s also known as West Indian Jasmine and it’s worshipped in Hinduism. It’s a symbol of sexuality and passion.

With its pink and yellow petals, this delicate flower loves sun and looks absolutely magnificent in gardens. It can also be found in orange, red, white and purple.

Black Eyed Susan
These flowers live for two years and have yellow petals with a purple-brownish centre. They are in bloom from June until October and attract butterflies. Among the most beautiful in the world, Black Eyed Susan is a flower perfect for any garden.

If you want to truly surprise somebody special, pick any of these beautiful flowers and you will truly take their breath away.