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Starting a Flower Business

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Starting a Flower Business
16Aug 2015

Starting a Flower Business – Tips

Before you plunge into the flowers industry and start you own business, you need to understand it very well. You might’ve read a bunch of articles on the matter, or you might’ve even attended a seminar, but what you need to know for the business can’t be learnt from the outside. You need to get in it with enough knowledge and readiness to learn and make mistakes, as they are inevitable. The flowers business is not as complex as you may think, though. It is easy to grasp the basics, but you need the skills and the confidence to actually succeed and remain in the business. Here are the basic tips which will be useful when you start:

1- Which types of flowers are you going to sell?
Before you even begin your flower business, decide which flowers you want to sell. Supplying and delivering fresh flowers every day is a skill. It’s not easy to cope, but it can make you truly successful. Be aware which flowers are bought the most and which rare and exotic flowers are sought for special occasions. If you master the art of supply and demand and offer 100% quality and great customer service, then you have nothing to worry about.

2- Research the local market and the area around you:
In order to get the most out of flower selling, you should know everything about the demand in your area. Based on your location, it will be easier to grow certain flowers and offer specific arrangements. If there is a hospital or a church nearby, you can get regular clients. Research the competition in the area – see what other floral stores are offering and offer a little extra. If you are a start-up business you need to find a quick way to stand out and attract customers. Having a working business and a winning advertising strategy can save you from failure in the business.

3- Start small and expand:
Unless you can afford to spend a huge budget, you are one of those who can only start small and work their way from there. Many flower businesses start as home-based ones – growing flowers in the backyard or selling ones in the garage. Many such small businesses have become some of the best companies nationwide with hundreds of branches and all sorts of delivery.
4- You need passion for this job:
Are you wondering why it says passion instead of skills, for instance. It’s because you need to love what you do in order to succeed. You must love flowers and have an eye for the beauty and aesthetics in this business. Passion is what will push you further until you reach your goals. Passion will help you make the right business decisions and know when the time for expanding has come.

5- Join large networks of florists:
Once things are stable and working in your flower shop, try expanding your business – join one of the bigger companies for flower deliveries.
Make sure that you research the basics and the details of the flower business and you are knowledgeable enough. The more you know about flowers, growing them, taking care, symbolism and arrangements, the easier it will be for you to grow your business from a local store to something bigger and better. Don’t rush into hiring staff until you are convinced that you have enough profit and stability to afford it. Remember that this business is profitable, emotionally rewarding and fun.