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Spring-Summer Birthday Flowers: Personalised Greetings For Spring-Summer Birthdays

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Spring-Summer Birthday Flowers: Personalised Greetings For Spring-Summer Birthdays
23May 2016

Spring-Summer Birthday Flowers: Personalised Greetings For Spring-Summer Birthdays

Flowers are a popular birthday gift all over the world. They are lovely to look at, bring so much colour and beauty to the birthday celebrations and are steeped in sentiment and symbolism. However, it will come as a surprise to many that there are birthday flowers for each month! The same way that particular gemstones and sun signs are associated with each month, so are flowers!

If you want to gift someone a gorgeous bouquet for their birthday, or compliment their birthday gift with a small flower arrangement, you can make the gesture so much more meaningful by basing it around the concept of birthday flowers.

In this article, we take a look at the different flowers for each of the spring-summer months. From March to August, we have for you a list of the birthday flowers for each month and what they mean!

The birthday flower for the month of March is the daffodil. Daffodils are known to represent friendship, and are a beautiful cheery yellow, sometimes with splashes of white. If you have a dear friend whose birthday falls in the month of March, daffodils are a fantastic way of greeting them and acknowledging the friendship you share.

The birthday flower for the month of April is the daisy. Daisies symbolise new beginnings and are also known to represent purity and virtue. Daisies are also symbols of love and loyalty, and not just the romantic kind but also the familial sort, which is what makes them such a great birthday gift. If you have a green thumb, daisies are fairly easy to grow on your own.

Lilies are the birthday flower for this month, and seeing as to how they are some of the most beautiful and delicate flowers in the world, you can be sure that they will be a much appreciated birthday gift. Lilies represent a myriad of emotions, so pick the colour wisely. From innocence and chastity to passion and devotion, lilies can be used to convey birthday greetings and deeper emotions.

For this summery month, the birthday flower is the universally loved rose. Roses are available in such a wide range of sizes and colours that you will be spoilt for choice when picking a birthday gift for a loved one! From beauty to loyalty, steadfastness to friendship, roses convey all sorts of human sentiments and emotions and you can use any one variety or a combination of several, to express your feelings!

For the month of July, the birthday flower is the larkspur. The larkspur is not as commonly seen as some of the other flowers mentioned in this list, nor is it a very common gifting choice. However, with the gorgeous and unique shades of purple, blue and white that these flowers are available in, there is a touch of mystique and enigma to these flowers. So, if you know someone with a personality that displays those traits, or someone who loves unique gestures, the larkspur is an ideal gift for a July birthday.

If you have a friend or a family member whose birthday falls in the month of August, gift them the gladiolus. The name of the flower translates to mean ‘sword’ and it was symbolic of the Gladiators of the Roman era. The flowers stand for respect, truthfulness and remembrance and are hence a beautiful way of honouring someone and also letting them know that they are loved and thought of often.