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Say 'I love you' on Valentine's day

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Say 'I love you' on Valentine's day
14Feb 2017

Say 'I love you' on Valentine's Day

Life is unique and every single day brings us joy and happiness. However, the happiest of all days is when we celebrate a special occasion. On Mother’s day, for instance, we show appreciation for our mothers’ care. On Christmas Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is why this is considered the most special day of all.

Valentine’s Day is the day when we honor and celebrate love. This is the time when men find the most romantic gestures to express their feelings with beautiful presents. It has become a tradition on that day to present gifts in the form of a heart, which symbolize the love that we feel. Because of the meaning that they carry, flowers have become a great part of the celebration of that special day. There is no better way for a man to express his feelings, than to give a beautiful bouquet of flowers, which say ‘I love you’.

Although, all flowers will make your beloved lady feel special, there are a number of flowers, which symbolize romantic love and passion.


If you are secretly in love with someone, the best day to express your feelings is on Valentine’s Day. You can give that special person a bouquet of beautiful white Acacia, which symbolize secret love. It is not easy to express your feelings for the first time, but such a stunning bouquet will show clearly how you feel. Their elegant shape and the pure white color, express the beauty of a woman and your pure love .

Magenta Zinnia

There is no other so magnificent and abundant flower like magenta zinnia. Every color has its own sign, and the magenta zinnia symbolizes lasting affection, which makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day present for your beloved lady. Show your wife or girlfriend that, your love and affection will always last, and bring more color and beauty to that special day.

Blue Violet

More than anything else, women in a relationship expect faithfulness. Tell your loved lady that, you will always be true to her and your love with a bouquet of gorgeous blue violets. Apart from symbolizing faithfulness, a bouquet of blue violets will make the day brighter and more stunning.
image alt text: Gift box of flowers

Red Tulip

Regardless of the color, the tulips have always been a sign of great love and deep affections. However, the best declaration of love is the red tulips. The color red has always been a symbol of passion, and when we add the meaning of the tulips to that passion your wife or girlfriend will receive a true declaration of love. Furthermore, being exceptionally beautiful and elegant, tulips are among the most favorite flowers for many women.

Tea Rose

Whether white, pink or red, roses will always be a symbol of love and adoration. Say to your wife that, you will always remember the first time you met her, with a beautiful bouquet of tea roses. What makes a tea rose different from the other roses is their unique shape, which resembles a wide open heart.

It has been written in any romance novel and singed in any song, that love is the greatest feeling of all. Being so unique and special, this feeling has to be honored and celebrated, which is why we have Valentine’s Day. On this day, men find different ways to make their beloved ladies as happy as they have never been. This is why, flowers as a symbol of love and happiness, play an important role in that day.