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Proper Flower Presents in November and December

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Proper Flower Presents in November and December
13May 2018

Proper Flower Presents in November and December

As the weather gets colder than ever before and winter is knocking on the door you will have to back yourself up with as many sources of positive emotion as possible. Winter should be a time of celebration and happiness not of illnesses and bad mood caused by the freezing winds and icy days. This article will provide you with tips on how to go through winter with nothing but positive sensations using the magical aura of flowers.

Thanksgiving is coming and you will have to decorate this important celebration as luxuriously as possible. After all the entire family will be present and Thanksgiving Day is one of a kind and you have to make it truly special. A flower that can perfectly fit not only Thanksgiving but also the entire month is the chrysanthemums. This is a very popular flower and a personal favorite for many ladies. Its colors are simple but very rich and warm and they are one of those flowers that don’t need to be in large numbers in order to create a pleasant aura in your home. It is also in possession of a very sweet and harmonic odour that can calm you down the minute you feel it. Another flower which is quite popular and useful for November is the rose. Sensual, rich and gorgeous in color and in its smell, the rose is a flower for all occasions and the more roses you have in your house the happier and more satisfied you will feel. Carnations are also a very good choice for November most of all because of their elegant form and their beautiful sensual colors. They are just about as beautiful as roses and as pleasantly smelling as violets. They would be a lovely contribution to any sort of celebration or an event that you are participating in. You can use them for everything – bouquettes, decorations in your garden, your table. You can even use them as perfumes in your bed or your bathtub. The tricky thing about them is that they require a lot of care including a perfect soil with good conditions and as much sunshine as possible. Anything less than that would not be enough. Another flower which is great for this cold month is the alstroemeria – it is a flower of a more ordinary outlook, although its colors are very difficult to forget. It usually comes in wonderful orange, very soft pink and golden yellow colors which can lighten up and corner of your home. Essential flowers for November are also the popular lilies. This is a flower that you can‘t get out of your head. It rarely comes in one color only. Every separate flower of this type has a certain color and in its rear or in its center it possesses another color which is a slight variation-darker or brighter of the dominating color. The colors themselves are extremely rich and extraordinarily provocative. The lilly is a flower that is not easy to get but it is well worth the price and the search.  So when December finally arrives you will have to pick all the flowers you have enjoyed the most throughout the year from every season and bring them in your home for Christmas in order to decorate this holy celebration in a memorable and pleasant way. Tie different flowers together in beautiful lines or wreaths and spread them across the walls. Make the last month of the year the best one using the power of flower beauty.