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Popular Summer Flowers

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Popular Summer Flowers
01Mar 2018

Popular Summer Flowers

Summer is most people’s favourite season – months of long days, high temperature and seaside fun. Summer brings with it a variety of beautiful and colourful flowers, which are considered typical summer flowers. They can brighten up any room or landscape and they are used for decorating summer events and occasions: from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and graduation parties. Summer flowers carry the spirit of summer and the sunshine in themselves. Here are some of those summer flowers that are in bloom from June to September:

This pretty and popular flower blooms during summer and autumn and can be found in different shapes and colours. One chrysanthemum is made of several flowers. The colours that you can find include red, yellow, purple and white. The flower originates from Eurasia and has been cultivated for centuries.

Given the name Aster by the ancient Greeks, meaning “star”, this flower blooms during late summer and autumn. It can be found growing in the wild in Southern Europe and Northern America. The aster is a showy flower, available in a wide range of pretty colours: purple, pink, blue, white, lavender and others. The aster generally has a center that is yellow.

As one of the most popular flowers used for various occasions, the carnation has many types and blooms in summer. Favored for its beauty and rich colours, each carnation type has its own symbolism, which makes it a perfect flower for bouquets. Given for birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and many others, the carnation is the ultimate flower for bouquets, along with the rose. Originating from Eurasia, the carnation is now grown commercially in plenty of countries all over the world.

Popularly known as summer poinsettia, the amaranthus is a flower of bright colours and quite a showy one. In bloom for a longer period than the usual summer flowers (June-November), it is popular for bouquets, flower arrangements and various arrangements of dried flowers. It can be found in plenty of colours. The amaranthus means an unfading flower, from ancient Greek. The flower’s native area is South America, where it was used in different Aztec ceremonies. The flower looks like a rope which cascades from the stem to the ground.

This flower blooms during the summer and autumn months and is native to eastern and southern Asia. It is popular for summer weddings, graduation parties and other events. It is used in bouquets and various arrangements, including dried ones. The flower has the shape of a star and is available in plenty of colours: white, pink, red, purple and others. A cluster of hydrangeas is often compared to the look of pompons. It is a flower which has a positive and joyful symbolism and makes for great decorations.

This flower is a late summer bloomer and its major use is for bouquets, including bridal ones. The plant is usually grown in gardens with rocks. The flower and the heather plant are native to North America, Western Europe and Siberia. In the wild, heather usually has a purple colour, but it can also be found in various tones of red and pink.

These are some of the most popular flowers which bloom in the summer months and are representative of the hottest season of the year. If you have a summer event that you wish to adorn with beautiful flowers, choose one of the above-mentioned and you will surely have a great arrangement.