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Pink Flowers

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Pink Flowers
16Feb 2018

Pink Flowers

Pink is a colour usually associated with women. When baby girls are born it is a tradition to paint their room in pink and dress them in pink. There are hundreds of types of pink flowers and some of them date back to ancient China and The Roman Empire. There are a few ways in which pink flowers differ from all the rest, they bring their own symbolism and make a lasting impression. Pink can truly bring the sunshine back into one’s life.

To begin with, it could be said that the colour pink, especially in flowers, elicits a kind of positive emotion. Pink can never be a dull or a gloomy colour and so is its impression. Pink flowers are soothing; they make us feel calm. Pink is universally known as the colour of innocence, tenderness and gentility. It is the ultimate lady’s colour, preferred on a daily basis by thousands of women. It can be said that pink is the most feminine colour and therefore flowers in pink stand for femininity as well. When we see a pink flower we cannot help but smile and have pleasant thoughts. Pink is beauty and the prettiness and fragrance of such flowers make our mood immediately better.

In addition, pink flowers are extremely popular among royalties, celebrities, first ladies, florists and flower growers. One of the most elegant pink roses, the “Grace of Monaco” was created as an inspiration of Grace Kelly and her marriage to the Prince of Monaco. The flower represented the actress’s grace and sophistication. Another such example is the rose named after Queen Elizabeth, thus carrying an even stronger royal air. The first lady of America Jacqueline Kennedy was also an inspiration for a pink rose. Pink flowers bring in positive energy, so it’s a good idea to adorn your home, study or office with them. Even a potted pink plant is a great way to enjoy the fine presence of the colour daily. It can be expensive to buy them on a regular basis, so why don’t you start growing pink flowers indoors or in your garden? Here are some useful suggestions to get you started:

• Whatever the type of flowers you have chosen to grow, cultivation, fertilizing, watering and draining of the soil is the first and foremost step before you plant them.
• Some of the pink flowers you can grow include: roses, geranium, dahlia, and begonia, all of which have to be planted in full sun exposure or partial shade.
• Get the proper gardening tools. The basics you need are a pruner, spade, water hose, garden knife, shears and a watering wand.
Some of the pink flowers you can grow are: “Pink Shira” hydrangea, “Candy Mountain” foxglove, “Tropical” dahlia, “Miss Lucy” Lily, Sweet pea flowers and many more. Growing pink flowers is a great way to ensure that you always have fresh cut flowers for your home or office. Pink flowers are perfect for wedding arrangements and especially centerpieces, as they attract attention, but not too much. Combinations of colours will make them look even more stunning. For a great wedding bouquet you can pair pink gerbera daisies with orange miniature roses, or pink Lilies with white dahlias. There are many fascinating combinations made with pink. Put a pink fresh flower in your hair for graduation day or a summer wedding. Adorn window sills with pretty potted pink roses and you will surely have happiness all around you.