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Pink Flowers – Meaning and Arrangements

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Pink Flowers – Meaning and Arrangements
04Jan 2018

Pink Flowers – Meaning and Arrangements

Pink flowers are some of the most delicate, pretty and expressive flowers, which can fill any heart with love and admiration. Pink is the most feminine colour, expressing delicacy and gentleness. In order to choose the right pink flower for any occasion you need to know the symbolism behind it and the way to arrange it properly.

Pink is the colour associated with little girls and the ultimate girly colour. Nothing bad can come from pink – it brings calmness and sweetness. In nature, there is a huge variety of beautiful and fragrant pink flowers, in a variety of pink shades and shapes. Some of the most popular and sought-out flowers worldwide can be found in pink colours: roses, carnations, daisies, tulips, gerbera daisies, Stargazer lilies, orchids and others. For roses and carnations it is said that they were originally pink. There is a popular understanding that when you think pink you think positive. Pink is definitely the colour which represents joy and optimism unlike any other. Pink is also an extremely romantic colour, conveying affection and passion. Some of the most beautiful and popular flowers are pink roses. Pink is also a common choice for flowers for Mother’s Day, as an expression of eternal and pure love. According to feng shui, the colour pink has soothing characteristics, although it is associated with fire.

The Meaning of Pink Flowers
Pink comes in a variety of shades: soft, hot, pale, magenta or salmon, a pink flower will always make a strong statement, so choose wisely. When you offer someone a pink flower as a gift it can mean a range of different things. The ultimate symbolism behind a pink flower, though, is that of youth, innocence, joy, grace and love. Pink stands for passion, but not the way deep red does. Pink also means shyness, referring to the colour of our cheeks when we blush. We also say rosy cheeks, which are a sign of beauty and youth.
Based on the shade of pink, the flowers have many significations:
• Choose flowers in pale pink to express your gratitude to the one you love.
• Pick a flower in light pink to represent happiness and joy, especially that of youth.
• For conveying deeper and stronger emotions, choose a flower in deep pink. You can also say “thank you” with a deep pink bouquet.
Arrangements with Pink Flowers
Pink flowers will always be associated with feminism, refinement and delicacy and as such they should be paired wisely with flowers of similar meanings. Based on the statement you want to make and the type of occasion you can choose candy pink flowers, pastel pink flowers, deep pink or hot pink flowers and you cannot go wrong.
• For a strong effect pair pink flowers with lilac or purple flowers. This feminine combination is perfect for a woman’s birthday party, a graduation or even a wedding reception.
• Mix a variety of flowers in different pink shades. Add some greenery to make the pink flowers really stand out and shine.
• When mixing different shades of pink, try to stick to the rule of pairing cool tones with cool tones and warm tones with warm tones. An example is cotton pink, which is a warm tone and can be paired with salmon. On the other hand, magenta is a cool colour and it can be paired with deep pink.
• A fascinating combination, which is quite popular these days is pairing hot pink flowers with bright orange or purple ones. This 60s look will definitely catch everyone’s attention.
• A safe idea is to pair pink flowers with red ones – this is the perfect combination for Valentine’s Day.