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Orange Flowers
28Jun 2015

Orange Flowers

Have you ever needed to apologize to your loved one for something you’ve done wrong, but simply couldn’t find the right words, or words seemed to fall short? Next time you are in this situation, simply give a bouquet of orange gerbera daisies, or just a single orange flower. The scent and the sight of the orange beauty of this flower will just melt his or her heart.

Orange is a special colour, it signifies constant activity, and it represents enthusiasm, energy, confidence and happiness. Combined in one word it can be said that orange symbolizes vibrancy. It is also a social colour, which stimulates people to socialize. It is scientifically proven that when surrounded by the colour orange, people tend to start conversations more than usual. When looking at orange for a long time, it infuses oxygen into one’s brain, which channels the same energy that makes us look for social interaction. The result is that we talk more, even to people we have just met. No wonder orange is the most chosen colour for corporate flowers.

When you wish to strengthen your relationship with someone, or show that you value a customer or a partner, simply send orange flowers. Moreover, orange is known to send a positive meaning. A flower in a citrus orange colour represents good health so it can be given at birthdays or to someone who is in hospital. Giving someone a rose in a peach colour is like telling them to trust you, or that you are their friend. It also means that you congratulate them for a good job. You can give orange flowers for graduations or to congratulate someone for their new job or promotion.

Choosing flowers in the darker shade of orange means you have deeper emotions. Give flowers in gold-orange colour to those you want to wish wisdom, wealth and well-being to. If someone who lives abroad or is just away from you sends you red-orange flowers it means that they want to express their desperate longing to be with you, their utmost passion and desire to come home. The really dark orange flowers convey deceit and lack of trust, so put them close to your secretary’s desk, if they are not performing well at work and you are disappointed.

In ancient times the most dangerous flower in the colour orange was the lily, also known as the fire lily. It represented hatred, disdain or even death to the one it was sent to. It was the utmost expression of bad feelings. However, the overall symbolism and meanings of lilies have changed over the centuries and now it is often used in decorations and bouquets. Orange flowers often elicit mixed emotions, but they are also remarkable ones. One thing is certain – the colour orange is a powerful one and it catches lots of attention. If you want to grab people’s attention at a wedding or a big event you are organizing, have some orange flowers in the arrangements. They will bring a positive mood, energy and joy. They will also make people communicate more and the event will be a real success. Another popular perception is that people who like wearing orange or love orange colours are warm, honest and thoughtful people. They look confident and positive and these are great qualities. Such people also have a strong passion for life and adventure.

No matter the message you are trying to send to the recipient of the flowers, you can be sure that there is a right orange flower for any purpose.