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Office Plants
01Aug 2016

Office Plants

Many businesses have come to realize the significance of office decoration and the ways to make an office area look and feel much more appealing and welcoming. An office has to have the perfect work environment, but it also needs to be welcoming to outside visitors. The way an office looks has a direct influence on the creativity and productivity of the staff and their general mood at work.

If you want to improve the office, invest in plants and make sure you place them at the right places. Understand that the indoor climate at the office is generally quite poor and the quality of the air can be improved significantly by placing some plants and greenery here and there. Moreover, the office will look much better and the general mood of the employees will improve too. Recently there have been multiple academic studies which have proved the importance and the effectiveness of plants placed in the office. Therefore, managers and business owners now realize that they can transform the workplace with just a few potted plants – it’s affordable and easy, yet the effect is more than visible. If you want to have smiling employees who are happy to come to work, the work place has to be friendly. What’s a better way to do that than buy some beautiful flowers and choose the right areas to put them?

After you buy the plants for the office, make sure that you provide some care and maintenance as this is essential. You can’t just leave the flowers on the window sill or on the desks and don’t pay any attention to them. One of the things you should understand is that unless the employees have said they’d take care of the plants, you can’t expect them to. Make sure that somebody waters the plants regularly, cleans the dust from their leaves and replants them too. If the plants start withering or their leaves turn yellow, this might be a sign of a pest or a disease on the plant. There is only one thing worse than an office without any plants and that’s an office with withered and poorly grown plants. If you invest in expensive plants you wouldn’t want to throw them away in a month’s time, would you? It’s not the proper way to maintain a good looking office.

Consider investing in a professional interior landscaper who will make a special plan for the work place and provide the maintenance of your office plants. With plants that are healthy your office will be a cleaner and healthier area too. Moreover, an interior landscaper knows which types of flowers are best for the office and work well with other species and this is a serious advantage. If you don’t have the time to do all the reading by yourself, simply hire somebody who already knows all this information and will make the best plan for your office – quickly and efficienly. This can literally transform the whole area and make a great impression on everyone. These are some of the best species of flowers and plants for the office: kalanchoe (in yellow, white and pink), small cacti (colourful and unusual), croton (a large plant with impressive greenery), amaryllis, caladium, ivy, spider plant, African violet, peace lily, sanservieria and many more.