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The numerology of wedding dates

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The numerology of wedding dates
07Aug 2020

Choosing Wedding Dates with Numerology


So, you are engaged – how exciting! Now for some serious planning for the Big Day. There are many ways in which couples plan their weddings, and if you are spiritual, you will love using numerology. Incorporating numerology in your wedding can mean anything from ensuring you marry on lucky date, to using a certain number of flower bouquets in your ceremony or even what day you should have flowers delivered. Discover how numerology can play a part in your wedding and what it all means.

What is Numerology?

In-depth numerology can get complicated but the basic gist of it is that it can be used to determine a couple’s compatibility based on birth dates. In addition, numerology can be used to find which date can assist with a long-lasting happy marriage. The origin of numerology is said to trace back to the mathematician, Pythagoras, who is said to be the Father of Western Numerology. Pythagoras, although widely known as a mathematician, had many more strings to his bow. He was an astrologer, musician, and spiritualist. Pythagoras believed that each number possessed certain qualities and that the numbers associated with a person’s birth date determined their destiny. Each number from 1 to 9 and the numbers 11 and 22 possess both positive and negative qualities.

What are the Qualities?

The number was believed to relay leadership and courage, but also selfishness, laziness, and ego. Number 2 represents co-operation harmony, and love which could make the second February or the second of a month the perfect day to marry. However, number 2 is also associated with tactlessness and timidity. Number 3 is said to be all about creativity, imagination and happiness, but on the downside, number 3 also represents exaggeration and pessimism. The number 4 is associated with practicality and organisation, which although not romantic, can certainly help when planning a wedding! The negative aspects of the number 4 include lack of imagination and being argumentative. Number 5 includes entertainment and amusement, alongside carelessness and recklessness. Number 6 is about altruism, children, and caring for others. However, on the flip side, 6 also represents being nervous and sensitive. Number 7 is said to represent the wise and inquisitive in addition to aggressiveness and egotism. Number 8 is about organisation, and authority, and is also attached to impatience and materialism, so perhaps it is not the best date to include in your wedding! Number 9 is about generosity, and altruism as well as moodiness and financial carelessness. People with the number 11 in their birth date are said to possess powers of prophecy and the number is also associated with inspiration, spirituality, nervous tension and shyness in public. The final number, 22 is perhaps the most ominous of all as although a person with this birth date may be spiritual, it is believed that they will also court black magic.

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Do Your Research

Besides relying on numerology for the date of your wedding, you may also want to consider using it for choosing the suppliers such as florists and caterers. Look out for the luckier numbers in the addresses or ‘phone numbers of potential suppliers to increase your luck on your special day. You could also consider the days on which delivery of accessories are made, like opting for next day delivery if this date is a luckier day than another. You could also number tables at the reception using numerology or incorporate numbers into the wedding favours.

Have Fun!

The important thing is to make numerology a fun part of your wedding and to enjoy using this historic element in the planning process.