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Mother’s Day - The Guide to Buying Flowers

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Mother’s Day - The Guide to Buying Flowers
29Jul 2017

Mother’s Day - The Guide to Buying Flowers

All too often, flowers are thought of as a last minute gift, with little thought or effort, bought in a hurry from a late night service station. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Don’t let such negative connotations put you of buying flowers for someone special, as with the right amount of thought and effort they can be the perfect gift, no more so than on Mother’s Day.

If you think of everything your Mum has done for you each and every year, a beautiful bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift to surprise them with a luscious display, which will sit wonderfully in their home, acting as a daily reminder of your love and appreciation. If you’re inspired to impress your Mum this Mother’s Day with beautiful flowers, this guide will help you pick the perfect bouquet.

Where to buy them from

If you are lucky enough to live close to a florist, you should always buy flowers from them. They will have beautiful selections of bouquets to buy fresh every morning, as well as being on hand to create more elaborate gifts to be picked up before your Mum is out of bed.
If you won’t be able to get down to the family home on Mother’s Day, then surprising her with a bunch of flowers delivered to the door is a perfect present. In this situation, you could contact local florists to see if they deliver, but you can also check out competitive online flower sites, which will deliver fresh flowers with beautiful designs straight to your Mum’s house at a time of your choice.

If none of the above are suitable options, then the local supermarket is your best choice. Ensure you get there early to avoid getting the last of the bunch and you might just be surprised by the excellent display of freshly cut, beautiful flowers.

What flowers to buy

Try to opt for beautiful colours, large petal flowers and popular variations which are easy to maintain. Extravagant, rare flowers might look stunning, but if they’re hard to maintain they will be a short lived gift, and you definitely don’t want to give your poor Mum a present entailing yet more hard work.
Visiting a local florist is your best bet if you’re unsure of your Mum’s favourite flower, they will be available to answer any questions and give you plenty of advice in choosing the perfect bunch of flowers.

Perhaps you’ve exhausted bouquets over the years, for anyone who is particularly keen on flowers, why not buy them a selection of seeds or bulbs? An interesting and unique gift, giving your Mum the tools to lovingly nurture and grow her own plants, seeds and bulbs and they can be bought featuring some of the most exotic and stunning flowers, for inside or outside growing.

Make it special

To make it that little bit extra special, opt for some decorations in your bouquet to really impress Mum. These can be added by florists, or you can get crafty and add some yourself. Beautiful wrapping is a start, so why not add foiled wrapping paper around plastic covering for added colour. There are also plenty of additions and decorations to create a fabulous bouquet, including ribbons, bows and coloured wire which create a magnificent scene atop majestic flowers. Not only will it impress the receiver with how much effort and thought has gone into the flowers, it also helps to turn a bouquet into an elegant, decorative and vibrant feature piece, injecting colour, life and personality into the home.