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Men’s Guide to Flowers

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Men’s Guide to Flowers
14Jun 2017

Men’s Guide to Flowers

If you are one of those men who are still wondering whether flowers are the key to a woman’s heart, you shouldn’t. The answer to this is yes and all sorts of consumer researches prove that on a daily basis. The fact is that most women simply adore flowers, whether they are given to them with or without a special occasion. A man who gives flowers to a woman will definitely make a strong and lasting impression. A bouquet of flowers can send different messages to the woman: “I’m sorry”, “I miss you”, “Thank you”, “I love you” and others. The most common reason for giving flowers to a woman is when you want to tell her she means a lot to you and to show your love. Most women wish to believe that anyway. However, the art of choosing and giving flowers is not the strongest male skill. With the right guidance and a skillful florist, though, a man can choose a great bouquet for the woman he loves or cares about. The first thing to do is to choose the recipient. This is no laughing matter actually – every leading lady in your life would be happy and ecstatic if you send her flowers unexpectedly – a best friend, a girlfriend, a mother a relative or a sister. All of these require a different approach. If you wish to send flowers to that special woman you love, pick her favourite flowers. If you don’t know them – find out, but don’t send her something she might not like. Choosing her favourite flowers, even in a combination with others will make her heart melt. It shows that you remember and care. Moreover, keep in mind her favourite colour too. This is perhaps the best combination you can choose. Sending flowers to your girlfriend can be done without a special occasion, but remember that on important dates that signify different stages of your relationship, she will probably expect flowers. These dates are: first meeting or date, engagement day, or wedding day. If you are celebrating an anniversary, why don’t you send her a splendid bouquet of the same flowers you had at the wedding. Chances are these are not only her favourite flowers, but also a colour combination she adores. If you have a platonic female friend you wish to thank or just surprise choose a bouquet of bright and beautiful blooms.
Knowing her favourite flowers is also a good idea. Sending flowers casually is a thoughtful way to prove your affection and friendship. Choosing flowers for your mother or a relative doesn’t have to be hard. For Mother’s Day a basket of flowers and a gift is a great idea. However, most mothers appreciate potted plants even more than bouquets.

If you are wondering what kind of design to choose simply trust the florist, as they would know best what you need for the specific occasion or person. The most important aspects of the floral design are colour, type and texture. The most eye-catching and exciting bouquets are combinations of rare or exotic flowers in bright colours (Orchid, types of Begonia, Birds of Paradise and many more).

Don’t be fooled that a bigger bouquet makes a stronger statement. The best bouquet is one chosen with thought and love – neatly arranged and not overdone. When it comes to flowers, it is really the thought and the gesture that count. A woman appreciated flowers greatly, so you don’t have to spend a big budget simply to make a woman smile and feel special.