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Keeping the romance alive

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Keeping the romance alive
02Oct 2017

Keeping the romance alive

We all know that flowers are naturally hypnotizing and they are also the international sign of affection aside from a kiss. There is something about the alluring blend of colors and scents that make us humans feel good inside at the same time, bring a smile to our faces. No matter what we all like surprises, except for maybe on Halloween, but really there is no better surprise than having someone surprise you with a flower. Not just because flowers are beautiful but because it means someone is thinking of us, it means they care about us and they want us to know it.

Of course, you have to know the right time to give flowers too, if you are courting someone and you send flowers as a gift, you could come off too direct if you aren’t careful but its easy to get any message across with flowers, you just have to know how. Flowers actually have an unspoken language of their own and throughout history meaning of different flowers has evolved. The most commonly known in the love language of flowers is the meaning of the red rose which means “passionate love”. The red rose is also one of the most commonly gifted flower of them all mainly because its meaning is so well known. Choosing the right flower to communicate your message is important, either way the most basic meaning of giving flowers as a gift is to show that you care. One trick you can use to find out what flower you should get someone your are courting without coming off direct to early is to casually find out what kind of flowers they like. You can do this in many different ways, one technique is to just randomly pick a flower from the ground or a bush while you are walking together and say “ Aww… this is my favorite flower! I can’t believe we just came upon it! What about you? Whats yours?”. The technique almost always works and you are sure to get an answer regarding their favorite flower. Then you can send them their favorite flower(s) to wherever they are, they are sure to know they are from you. Doing this won’t say to them “Hey, I want you” but something more like ”I was thinking about you today and remembered these are your favorite, I hope you like them and if you want to go out tonight give me a call”.

Being that everyone loves flowers it’s not bad to be spontaneous with flowers anytime, whether especially in a committed relationship you may have been married for years or only dating for 6 months but romance easily fades without a conscious effort to keep it alive. We all want to have a Casanova or to be one naturally but it just doesn’t happen, work and the world can easily throw us off of our game. Keeping romance alive in a relationship can help connections grow deeper and also keep them interesting making them worth while. Sending flowers every once in a while to your loved one is a perfect for keeping the flame your share burning bright. It says to them that no matter how long you have been together they are still in your mind, heart and soul and you have not forgotten how wonderful they are to you. Putting a little note along with your flowers is a sweet way to just tell them why you sent them flowers. It’s sure to be a sweet thought or love inspired notion when you get the urge to send flowers to your loved one or your soon to be.