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Is Artificiality a Bad Thing?

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Is Artificiality a Bad Thing?
14Jan 2016

Is Artificiality a Bad Thing?

Like so many atmosphere related illnesses, hayfever seems to be on the increase. It seems that every summer there is someone else saying ‘I never get hayfever but this year… ‘. We all know that pollen is the cause and it makes being outside a little tricky, especially for people who really suffer. But this is no reason for people to not be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, however simulated, from indoors and still fill rooms with flowers, even if they are synthetic.

There are many benefits to fake flowers and though they are not the real thing and therefore there is something inherently wrong with them, they are still worth something and here are some of the reasons why:

Options: These are man-made creations based on their natural counterpart. We can imagine it and it can appear. Nature is somewhat out of our control but making flowers yourself means that you can have any type of flower in any colour and any size and you can mix and match all sorts of flowers together to create any meaning you require without having to worry about them not matching because ultimately they can be changed and amended to mean that they do match. You can also put flowers that require different living conditions together in a way that would be impossible if the flowers were real. For example, flowers that survive on very little water and flowers that can only live if they are virtually drowned can be put together in the same vase or displayed as part of the same bouquet with no harm done.

Maintenance: With artificial flowers there is virtually none. If you want to keep up appearances then you can change the water occasionally but there’s absolutely no need. These flowers don’t need to be fed or watered. They don’t need to be kept near daylight for photosynthesis and they definitely don’t need to be thrown out after a week because they have inevitably died. In fact, probably the only maintenance these flowers will need is the occasional dusting because they become just like every other ornament or decoration in the house. In fact, it might be worth thinking of them just as ornaments – but less breakable.

Material: Apart from the obvious – and stated above – lack of pollen eliminating the chance of allergy and hayfever, the wide range of materials these flowers are available in can lead to a range of potential styles and prices and can also aid the authenticity of the ‘flower’ look. Paper is the cheapest alternative to the real thing and these can look fairly real but it is more likely that paper flowers are deliberately authentic. Paper flowers can look like a sophisticated craft alternative made by adults or classroom gifts made by children out of more tissue paper than you might imagine existing. For the more realistic and permanent flower alternative, silk or silk and plastic flowers – though slightly more expensive – have multiple benefits in terms of look and condition. In fact, fake flowers can come in a huge range of materials including biodegradable and recycled so that even though you aren’t displaying real flowers you are still keeping on Mother Nature’s good side.