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Indoor Plants that Clean the Air

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Indoor Plants that Clean the Air
02Dec 2015

Indoor Plants that Clean the Air

It isn’t commonly known, but the air inside of your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside your home, and this kind of pollution can cause minor ailments like headaches, to major things like cancer. To reduce the pollution in the air, you need to clean it, and plants can help you to do just that.
Having plants inside your home can reduce the amount of pollen, dust, carbon dioxide and monoxide and VOC. VOC is ‘volatile organic compound’ gases, found in man-made objects such as carpets, cleaning supplies, paints etc. these gases can cause asthma, liver damage, leukaemia and cancer.

Here is a list of plants that are good to have in and around your home:

• Areca Palm
• Aloe Vera
• Azalea
• Bamboo Palm
• Boston Fern
• Broadleaf Lady Palm
• Chinese Evergreen: toxic to cats
• Chrysanthemum
• Cornstalk dracaena: toxic to cats
• Dendrobium orchid
• Dumb cane (Camilla and Exotica): mildly toxic to children, cats, dog and other pets when chewed or ingested.
• Dwarf Date Palm
• Elephant ear philodendron: toxic to cats
• English Ivy: toxic to cats
• Flamingo Lily
• Gerbera Daisy
• Golden Pothos: poisonous.
• Heartleaf Philodendron: toxic to cats
• Kimberley Queen Fern
• King of hearts
• Janet Craig dracaena: poisonous if ingested
• Lily turf
• Moth orchid
• Peace Lily
• Pot Mum: poisonous if chewed or ingested by cats, dogs and horses.
• Red-Edge Dracaena : toxic to dog and cats
• Rubber Plant: toxic to cats
• Snake Plant: toxic to dogs and cats
• Selloum philodendron: toxic to cats
• Spider Plant
• Warneck Dracaena: toxic to cats
• Weeping Fig: poisonous if injested

When considering what plants you want to include in and around your home, take into account the recipients of the house including all of your pets. Ask yourself the following questions:

• Does anyone have any allergies preventing me from getting a particular plant?
• Are the plants I want toxic for cats or dogs to eat or chew?
• Are the plants in any way poisonous to my children?
• Are the plants poisonous to me?

Before you choose a plant, research how safe it is to have around your children and pets, you cannot watch them every second of every day and so you need to know that if they were to eat a bit of the plant it isn’t going to poison them or cause them to have a reaction.

Cleaner air isn’t the only benefit in having house plants within your home, they also have a number of other positive effects too, such as:

• They make you feel better, happier and more positive by decreasing your stress levels and feelings of anger, anxiety or depression.
• They help you to control the humidity in your home. When humidity levels are lower than they should be there is an increased chance you will get more viral infections, equally when they are higher than they should be they are prone to causing other diseases.
• They absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, this means a constant supply of refresher air in and around your home.
• Plants are known to improve concentration level, this leads to higher productivity when working in the home, especially if you work on a computer.
• Plants allow you to recover faster from mental tiredness.
• Your home looks nicer, plant and flowers brighten up the home, they make it feel clean and spacious and lived in. Furthermore some people believe that introducing plants into your house makes it look more expensive and like you have put a lot of consideration into the interior design.