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Ideas For Christmas Flowers

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Ideas For Christmas Flowers
24Nov 2015

Ideas For Christmas Flowers

Christmas is one of the most loved and celebrated festivals around the world. Regardless of which part of the world you are in, celebrating Christmas is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones, participate in the cheer that takes over the world and exchange much good will and happiness. As is the case with any special occasion, flowers are a beautiful way to add to the celebrations.

You can decorate your home with flowers, or take them along as gifts to spread the Christmas cheer. In this article, we discuss some lovely ideas and traditions for Christmas flowers and how you can infuse more joy and sentiment into the holiday.

Christmas flowers are a wonderful way to celebrate the season’s festivities. You can do up your home, decorate your office, and take flowers for friends and family and so much more. Nothing brightens up a room quite like a bunch of flowers! From traditional Christmas wreaths and popular bouquets to creative arrangements and cheerful flower baskets, the options are many and varied. Whether you are making the arrangement yourself, or purchasing a readymade one from a florist, here are some wonderful tips to make the most of your decision!

Traditionally Christmas flower arrangements are made up of red and white flowers. Since we are discussing Christmas-themed flower arrangements, most people will want to incorporate the traditional Christmas colours of red, white and green. While you can use any type of flower you want (after all, all flowers are equally beautiful!) there are some flowers that hold a special meaning for Christmas. These flowers have some symbolic Christmassy sentiment, or instantly remind you of the festival. The poinsettia, Christmas rose, mistletoe, holly and ivy are some flowering plants that are distinctly Christmassy! With a backdrop of soft, white snow and dazzling fairy lights, these flowers are sure to make Christmas even more special!

Traditionally, the poinsettia is the most popular and symbolic Christmas flowering plant. It is recognised as the Christmas flower the world over, and has become universally important in Christmas celebrations and festivities. Though it is conventionally a winter-blooming plant, you can grow it through the year, and with some extra care, ensure that it lasts all the year round. The flower is associated with Christmas because as far back as the 17th century, it was used by Franciscan priests in their nativity processions. Many people also associate the star-shaped flower leaves with the Star of Bethlehem and the colour of these leaves is symbolic of Christ’s blood.

Given the wealth of meaning and sentiment attached to the poinsettia, it is one of the central flowers used in most Christmas tree decorations and other floral arrangements. You can beautify your home for Christmas and also incorporate layers of historic Christmas traditions by using the flower in your home. If you have a loved one who isn’t able to spend time with you on Christmas and you’d like to share the season’s joy with them, you could have flowering poinsettia plants delivered to them. It is a beautiful way of being together on the festival, even when you are apart.

While red roses are a popular gifting and decorating choice at any time of the year, and are more commonly associated with sentiments of romantic love, you can brighten up the room with a huge bouquet of blooming red roses at Christmas too. Add some greenery and baby’s breath and you will have a complete arrangement of red, white and green! To take it a step further, you can also add some pristine white roses to the mix.

Holly is another popular Christmas decoration. The greenery, complimented by the red berries, is an unmistakable mark of Christmas. Traditionally, holly was a Druid mark that stood for everlasting life and over the years came to be associated with the Christian belief of unending life. Not only is holly beautiful to look at, it also reminds one of the rebirth and continuous growth of the soul and spirit.