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How to Start a Flowers Business 1-2-3

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How to Start a Flowers Business 1-2-3
23Sep 2015

How to Start a Flowers Business 1-2-3

Quality bouquets and flower arrangements are always in demand. Whether it’s for the popular occasions (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and the rest) or for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and baby showers, flowers are sought in all four seasons. This makes the flower business a very profitable one; a business full of creative strategies, imagination and opportunities for a home-based business.

One example of getting into the business with flowers is by growing them at home and selling them to floral shops or wholesalers. Another option is to make your own floral arrangements and decorations and sell them to shops and wedding and event planners. If you are crafty and imaginative, this is a great option to use your skills and earn a good profit out of it. You can even open your own online store and offer delivery straight from your home. Keeping the prices affordable and offering fresh flowers, just cut from your backyard will be much sought by clients. This business option is a great opportunity for stay-at-home moms or even students. Starting up a home-based flowers business doesn’t require a big investment or a huge time commitment, so with some knowledge and persistence you can easily manage.

With the plenty of events during the year, it is easy to make a profit from selling flowers. One good way is to create a network of individuals, who need constant supply of fresh flowers. Moreover, you can try to sign long-term contracts with hotels, restaurant, churches, wedding chapels and so on. This will guarantee you a constant demand for your flowers, a constant flow of income and you wouldn’t even need to open a flower store. It would also mean more advertisement for you, as you will be able to showcase your flower arrangements to a bigger public for free – all of them potential future clients. If you decide to concentrate your skills on flower designs, determine your hourly rate and precise prices for your arrangements. Try to stay competitive on the flowers market – do a research before you set your own prices.

When it comes to finding customers it can be harder from working at home, but there are a few basics to follow. Always start supplying people that know you well and trust you. If you impress them word-of-mouth will quickly spread. In the beginning you will probably have to offer discounts, free delivery and arranging bouquets for free. However, these are the necessary first steps until you get your first stable customers. You need to have business cards and ideally a brochure. Make sure your contact details will reach the buyers. Opportunities for advertising your business are also the yellow pages and the local newspaper and radio station. You can donate a beautiful flower arrangement for a big event where plenty of people will notice it. This is an affordable way to spread your name.

So how does one start a floral business exactly?

1. Learn the business you are going to get involved in. If you lack the experience to arrange flowers get some! You can take a class or learn everything about it through online tutorials. If you don’t know much about plants, buy or borrow some books and get knowledgeable. Check forums on flowers businesses and learn as much as you can before you plunge into the business.
2. Know who your customers will be. Who needs flowers around your area and which businesses need constant supplies. If you can think of providing an extra service, do it. Everything that will make you stand out in this business is what will attract clients.
3. Know which permits or licenses you will need in order to start up the business. Talk to an accountant, a banker and an insurance agent to learn what you will need.