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How To Select The Perfect Wedding Flowers

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How To Select The Perfect Wedding Flowers
27Aug 2015

How To Select The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Every couple wants to have the perfect wedding ceremony and reception – memorable for them and their guests. One of the integral parts of every wedding is the flower decoration, which is usually a task of the bride to organize. Floral arrangements add a special ambiance to the wedding, making it look like a magical event. Flowers are used in so many different mixtures and forms that the choice of a perfect flower can be quite a challenge.

Traditionally the bride has to carry a bridal bouquet throughout the ceremony and during the reception too – it’s a special bouquet which will be on the photos and then thrown in the air for a single woman to catch it. The choice of the bridal bouquet is without doubt one of the most special moments for the future bride. However, it’s not only her bouquet that the bride has to think about. There are also table centerpieces, garlands, floral arrangements, bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, flower girl’s basket and many more details. The perfect wedding is one that’s properly decorated and each flower element is chosen tastefully and well. It’s best to start planning the flower decoration a few months before the event – this way you will have plenty of time to add new things or change your mind completely. Start by discussing the various options with your wedding planner and florist. If you want to use your favourite flowers as a central one in the wedding decoration, you need to come up with clear ideas how it can be integrated in each arrangement without looking misplaced. You could have your own personalized wedding bouquet, a unique arrangement that no other woman could have. There are various ways to make a DIY bridal bouquet and make sure it’s uniquely yours. Make sure that the flowers and their colours are in sync with the whole décor and the theme of the wedding. If you don’t have a theme, the choice of flowers will more or less determine it, so ensure it’s the right feel and ambiance.

Wedding flowers are not cheap and because you will need a large quantity of fresh flowers, make sure that you have an adequate budget for that. You wouldn’t want to run out of garlands or table centerpieces, just because you haven’t made the right account. Keep in mind that using tropical and exotic flowers will be quite pricy, but there are flowers which are more affordable.

One of the most popular wedding flowers is the classic red rose. It’s not only the top bought flower in the world and the most romantic flower, but many couples choose it for their big day. Mixed with beautiful camellias in pink, cream or white, the effect will be dazzling. Another popular flower is the lily – stunning, romantic and joyful, this flower will bring happiness to your wedding. Think about the flower fillers – the small flowers which you will put in your bridal bouquet and which will fill the voids in the garlands and centerpieces. Flower fillers like baby’s breath are a classic choice for a wedding.
One of the most divine wedding flowers is the exotic orchid, which comes in a variety of colours and shades. It’s a magnificent flower which is a dream of most brides. It’s quite an expensive choice, but if you mix it with other flowers, it can still be present at the event, yet not break the bank.