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How to Say it With Flowers

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How to Say it With Flowers
19Jul 2015

How to Say it With Flowers

It often happens that when we send flowers all we think of is how they look and how much they cost and we overlook the power of their meaning. Moreover, when we can’t think of a specific present to get to someone, we tend to simply buy flowers. However, we can say anything with flowers, as they have strong symbolism. The ultimate gesture is of course sending someone their favourite flowers, ideally in their favourite colour. This would always be much appreciated. There are many ways to send a message to somebody with flowers, and here are a few suggestions:

Everybody knows that flowers, chocolate and wine (or a set of all the three) are traditionally sent on Valentine’s Day. This is also the time when the prices of flowers go up, especially roses. Another big occasion when people send flowers is Mother’s Day. However, the thrill of receiving flowers is the biggest when they aren’t expected. Just because there isn’t a special occasion doesn’t mean that you cannot choose a fine bouquet and send it to somebody you care for or love. With online flowers delivery this can be done within a few minutes. Generally, flowers are gifts for women, so if you are planning to surprise the man you love with a flower delivery at his office, make sure you know that he is okey with that. If you are not sure you can send a single rose along with a bottle of wine or his favourite beverage. You can be sure that he will love this surprise.

This leads us to the next tip, which is:

When you want to send someone flowers, you can be literally anywhere. With the technologies available to us nowadays, sending flowers is easier than ever. When you place an order you need to specify the location and the time of delivery. If you want a same day delivery, it’s good to know where the recipient will be when the flowers arrive. There is no point sending flowers to the person’s home address during the day if you know they will be at work. However, think what the recipient will be doing at work. If they are in meetings most of the time, or involved in physical work, it’s probably not a good idea to interrupt like that. If they work in an office on a computer, it shouldn’t be a problem to send a bouquet. Whatever you choose, try to ensure that the flowers will be delivered at the right time so their impact will be strong.
There is nothing bad in pushing the boundaries sometimes, especially if you are getting flowers to someone who isn’t very conventional. Don’t play it safe and choose something extraordinary and adventurous that will impress them. You can experiment not only with the choice of flower, but also with floral gifts.
The last tip, but one of the most important ones is:

We have all been there: last minute thinking: “Flowers urgently!” or “what should I choose?”. If you have left the decision until it is quite late, you might feel frustrated and at a total loss, browsing the different sorts and bouquets online. Ensure that you have enough time to make your choice, place an order and feel good about it.
If you manage to combine all of the above-mentioned tips, sending someone flowers will turn up to be more than successful. They will be greatly surprised and you will be happy that you have managed to make them feel special.