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How to Open Your Own Flower Shop

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How to Open Your Own Flower Shop
02Jun 2015

How to Open Your Own Flower Shop

Are you considering opening your own flower shop? Then you should think about a few factors.

Could you stand being surrounded by flowers all day?

This may seem like a trivial thing, but it’s actually a deal breaker. There are people who simply can’t stand the fragrance of too many flowers and plants, not to mention all the care and the dirty work. Growing, watering, cutting, wrapping, explaining to customers, delivery and many other tasks are the life of every florist. It may sound great being among flowers and such beauty, but when you do that for a living, the reality is much different. Having a flower shop means more than simply selling flowers – you sell the whole idea, celebration or occasion, i.e. you have to order cards, stuffed animals, ribbons and all sorts of things that the customer may need. In order to cover your rent or expenses, you will need to sell plenty of other stuff.

Customers know nothing or little about flowers

No florist can succeed in this business without the proper knowledge of species, types, growing and taking care of flowers and plants. In order to impress your customers you will need to be able to do more than citing the flower’s Greek or Latin name. You need to know the origin of the flower, a fun fact about it, how it’s grown and taken care of and above all – its symbolism, as this is what the majority of customers want anyway. Knowing the meaning of each flower, along with the best combinations of flowers for each different occasion is not an easy task. It can take months or years until you acquire all that knowledge, but once you do, you will feel much more confident, and customers will see that your place is special. In order to be successful, you also need to be selling what your customers need. The most popular and sought-out flowers worldwide are roses, lilies, daisies and carnations, but there is a growing popularity for tropical flowers too, so meet the demand in order to have bigger sales.

There’s a big fluctuation in the spending seasons

Many beginner florists aren’t prepared for what the business will be like. The truth is that a flower shop is dead throughout much of the year and only a few days are really busy and generate big revenue. The most popular day for buying flowers is undoubtedly Valentine’s Day. Not only people in relationships exchange flowers, but also relatives and friends. They also buy red hearts, cards, stuffed animals and all sorts of Valentine-related things. The other big spending day is Mother’s Day. It can be hard to survive the year just on these two days though, so seek additional ways to make a profit. One way is to always offer a deal of the day – a much cheaper flower or bouquet, which people can buy with or without occasion. The other option is to open an online-based shop and offer delivery.
Location is a key factor

Your business has a chance to grow only if you choose the location properly – a perfect idea is to open your shop next to the local hospital. You can be sure that this will lead to a big demand for fresh flowers on a daily basis. Another option is to place it near a cemetery, but this can be tricky, as these areas are not very central. A restaurant or a hotel nearby, an airport or a train station – these are all good locations which guarantee regular sales.

Sell more than flowers

In order to earn more you need to think big – wrapping material, greeting cards and all sorts of packaging materials at reasonable prices are a good idea. People often buy these things from florists when they need to wrap a gift.