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How to Look After Newly Delivered Flowers

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How to Look After Newly Delivered Flowers
20Jan 2020

How to Look After Newly Delivered Flowers

cheap online flowers near meHow wonderful to receive a beautiful flower arrangement, but if you want to keep your flower bouquet fresh, you need to act fast. When flowers have been ordered from reputable florists, they will have been carefully packaged and delivered to ensure maximum freshness. This gives the flowers delivered the best chance of lasting more than just a few days. However, if you want to proudly display your blooms for a week or more, there are certain things you can do to make this happen. Enjoy our top tips for how to look after newly delivered flowers and enjoy your stunning display for longer.

Trim the Flowers Properly

Once you have unwrapped your floral gift, lay the flowers on a flat surface. Next, trim away any thorns and leaves that would be submerged once you place the flowers in water. Leaving leaves in water will cause them to decay quickly and will contaminate the water with bacteria which will cause your flowers to wilt. Once the leaves and thorns have been carefully removed, it is time to trim the stems of your flowers. Cut the stems individually and at an angle. Cutting them in this way creates a larger surface area for the stems to absorb water and so allows the water to access the flowers quickly.

Use a Clean Vase and Water

Clean your chosen vase thoroughly and make sure there is no soapy residue left in it. You don’t want to contaminate the water with substances that can potentially kill your flowers. Next half fill the vase with clean room-temperature water. It is important to change this water every few days to maintain its freshness. The stems of your flowers should be covered by at least 5 inches of water in the vase or container.

Flower Food

When flower bouquet is delivered, it sometimes comes with a sachet of “flower food” that has been provided by the florist. This powder has been devised to ensure your flowers stay vibrant and upright for longer. Do not what some people do, and throw it out thinking it is surplus to requirements. Tip the sachet of powder into the clean water in the vase and allow it to dissolve before placing your trimmed flowers in the vase. If your bouquet arrived without a sachet of flower food, you can make your own. Dissolve three tablespoons of sugar in two tablespoons of white vinegar per litre of warm water. This homemade preservative is very effective and can keep your flowers fresher for much longer than with just water. Remember to make a fresh batch of this preservative each time you change the water, every few days.

cheap high-quality flowersAvoid Heat and Direct Sunlight

Although it is tempting to place your flowers on the windowsill for all to see, this can shorten the lifespan of your blooms. Keep the flowers away from radiators or any other source of heat as this will dry out the petals very quickly, giving your flowers a very sad appearance indeed. Even bowls of fruit are to be avoided as ripening fruits emit ethylene gas that depletes your flowers’ vibrancy.

Keep Away From Prying Hands

Children and pets can soon ruin a beautiful display of flowers. If you have cats that love to jump all over sideboards, you need to rethink where you will keep your vase of flowers. Try to keep the blooms high up and away from pets or small children that will want to take too close a look at your lovely display. It is also worth remembering that some flowers can be potentially fatal if ingested, which is even more reason to keep them out of reach of exploring hands and paws.