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How Flowers Can Help You Emotionally And Physically

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How Flowers Can Help You Emotionally And Physically
12Dec 2014

How Flowers Can Help You Emotionally And Physically

Flowers are a fantastic gift idea for that special someone on a special occasion, equally they are an excellent way of livening up your home and making it look more attractive. But more importantly flowers can help you, both emotionally and physically.
Flowers can change the way that you feel and can help you with a lot of common ailments. They are used in medicines and studies from psychologists have shown the improvement they have on the well-being on your mind. Just being the recipient of a bunch of flowers is thought to improve your mood for days after. The various colours of the flowers are said to create a frequency of light waves which releases neurotransmitters in the form of calming hormones, stimulating hormones and mood-boosting hormones.

• Bluebells: the colour of bluebells produces melotonin in the brain which helps us to relax and sleep better and thyroxin in the thyroid gland to regulate our metabolic rate.
• California Poppy: used in the treatment of insomnia and can help to reduce anxiety. Can be used as a relief from menstrual pain and nervous tension.
• Chrysanthemum: Drinking this flower will help you to get rid of flu viruses, colds and headaches. Using this drink, apply it over the eyeball to help to relieve eye inflammation.
• Corn flower: Use the essence of cornflower to help to get rid of conjunctivitis. Use the stems of the flowers for acne and other skin problems.
• Daisies: in orange help to prevent allergies people often get in the spring, they strengthen the lungs and the immune system and have been proven to stimulate our sexual organs. The orange colour also has a positive effect on the digestive system.
• Dandelion: purifies the blood and can used to help patients suffering from amnesia, nervousness and even jaundice.
• Green zinnias: the colour of green relaxes the heart, it makes you breathe more slowly and deeper and reduced stress hormones.
• Honeysuckle: To help sore throats gargle honeysuckle. The flower is a naturally antibacterial, and the stems and leaves are said to help people suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.
• Irises: the indigo colour of irises help to regulate sleep patterns as it stimulates a part of the brain called the pineal gland, this helps to reduce fear and worrying and calm the mind.
• Lilacs: the colour of violet stimulates the pituitary gland which releases beta-endorphins which fight tension and suppresses hunger and metabolism, furthermore it helps things like sunburn and heat rash, i.e. heat problems, as it have a cooling effect.
• Plum flowers: Can help to get rid of coughs and/or diarrhoea, and preventing ulcers.
• Rose: Chewing petals improves circulation of the blood, drinking the leaves in a tea can help to clean your liver, gall bladder and lungs. Rose petals are a natural anti-depressant if you chew them, furthermore red roses stimulates the adrenal glands, boosting energy, as the colour red has the longest wavelength.
• Sunflower: the vibrant yellow stimulates the brain giving you a heightened alertness, meaning that you are more decisive and clear-headed than usual, the association between yellow and sunlight makes us feel more optimistic. Medically sunflowers help reduce pain caused from ulcers and menstruation cramps, if you gargle a drink made from sunflowers it will help to make sore throats and tonsillitis feel better.
• Viola: Applying this can help cure varicose veins, eczema and psoriasis. It can also help to cure coughs or throat and chest viruses such as bronchitis, as well as urinary tract infections.