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Home Remedies to Keep Flowers Fresh

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Home Remedies to Keep Flowers Fresh
22Nov 2014

Home Remedies to Keep Flowers Fresh

When you have beautiful flowers in your home, the last thing you want to see is that they are wilting and dying after merely a couple of days. Therefore, you want to try the best that you can to make sure that they stay fresh for as long as possible, enabling you to enjoy their beauty for as long as you can. After all, it has been scientifically proven that flowers elevate your mood and can make you feel happier.

Depending on where you are getting your flowers from, you may find a little sachet of plant or flower food stuck to the stems of your flowers. This is great, especially if you are not paying anything extra for it. However, if you do not have plant or flower food attached to your flowers, what do you do to keep your flowers fresh for longer?
One option is to buy your own plant or flower food. This can be bought from florists and almost all department stores that sell flowers. However, do you really want to be spending extra money, especially after having spent a lot of money on a beautiful bunch of flowers? Surely, there must be a cheaper, more economical solution right? Well, there is and this article will be discussing how you can use items found in the household to make your own remedies that will do the same job as flower or plant food, but at a fraction of the cost.

Sugar is used to sweeten almost anything. From coffee to cakes to pies, we use sugar like there is no tomorrow. Even where our beauty is concerned, sugar has been used to exfoliate and treat wounds.

But did you know this sweet wonder can also be used to keep your flowers fresh? Yes, that’s right. Adding three teaspoons of sugar (brown or white) to two tablespoons of white vinegar will make the perfect stay fresh for longer remedy. Simply add this mixture to the vase, fill it up with warm water (the way you would usually fill it) and voila! The sugar will work on the stems, keeping them strong and healthy, whilst the vinegar will prevent the growth of bacteria which would usually grow and then attack your flowers.

Adding a quarter of a teaspoon of plain household bleach to 800ml of water will also keep your flowers fresh for longer. The bleach will fight and prevent bacterial growth, meaning that your flowers are less likely to wither due to disease, thus keeping them alive and fresh for longer.
Aspirin can work wonders on a migraine so why not on your flowers? Simply crush a single aspirin and add it to the water before putting your flowers in. It will prevent bacterial growth and keep your flowers looking as beautiful as ever.

Another alternative to aspirin that would also do the job would be a vitamin tablet. Simply use as you would with the aspirin.
Pennies aren’t called lucky for no reason! So drop a lucky penny in your vase and see the magic they do on your flowers. Pennies are made of copper, which is an excellent fungicide. Meaning that it prevents and fungal growth in your vase. Fungus would instantly attack your flowers and cause disease, so by keeping your water and vase fungus free, you will be keeping your flowers disease free.

You could just as easily add a few drops of vodka to the water before putting the flowers in the vase. This will once again tackle and prevent any bacterial or fungal growth, keeping your flowers looking and feeling fresh.