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Carnations: how to plant, grow and prune them guide

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Carnations: how to plant, grow and prune them guide
05Sep 2014

Guide to Carnations

Carnations have been cultivated for over 2000 years in Europe and Asia. The name comes from Greek, from the word “coronation” which refers to the special garlands worn by the Greeks in numerous ceremonial events. Carnations are also called “flowers of Gods” and “flowers of love”. The Carnation was chosen as an official flower by the state of Ohio. In the arts, Leonardo da Vinci made the religious symbol of the flower immortal by drawing it in his painting “The Madonna with the Carnation” presenting the Virgin Mary who is weeping.

 Anna Marie Jarvis was the woman who started the commemoration of Mother’s Day. She chose carnations to pay tribute to her own mother, and so these flowers remained the symbol of this day all over the world. Carnation flowers are also edible plants. Their petals are used for the liqueur Chartreuse, as well as for flavour in salads and for decorating cakes.