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Guide to Calla Lilies

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Guide to Calla Lilies
22Aug 2014

Guide to Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are unique flowers, with a rare shape. They are called lilies, but they aren’t exactly lilies. The Calla lily originates from Southern Africa and comes in a variety of colours: pink, green, purple, yellow, and orange. Calla lilies are both kept inside and grown in outdoor gardens. They form beautiful flowerbeds, bouquets and borders. This is one of the most elegant flowers, a symbol of pure beauty and magnificence. The name “calla” means beautiful in Greek, but in fact the flower’s roots are strongly poisonous. The legend of this flower tells that it sprung from the Greek Goddess Hera’s breast milk while she was nursing Hercules, one of Zeus’s sons. The drops of milk, which fell on the ground turned into Calla lilies. In Christianity, the Calla lily symbolizes Resurrection. Its petals, which have the shape of trumpets, are the so called heralds of victory. The flower also represents the passion of Christ on the cross. The Calla lily is often painted next to the Virgin Mary. Overall, the flower stands for faith, holiness, rebirth and innocence. Throughout the centuries this beautiful and gentle flower has been a symbol of admiration and other hidden messages. Expressing one’s admiration is still done by giving a bouquet of Calla lilies. Actress Katherine Hepburn had Calla lilies on her wedding and simply adored the flower, viewing it as a symbol of devotion and purity of the soul.

Calla lilies are amazing flowers to have in your garden and to take care of. You can get seeds for plenty of colours and use them for borders or flower beds. Here is what you should do in order to grow Calla lilies:

• They are easy to grow, don’t need much attention and once you find the right spot for them, just be extra careful during planting.
• Calla lilies have to be planted in loose, well-drained soil.
• These flowers like bright sun or just partial shade.
• Plant them in spring in warm soil and they will bloom until mid-summer.
• Place them deep into the soil and allow about a foot between each.
• Calla lilies need plenty of water so keep them well moistened.
Following these simple instructions will help you plant and grow beautiful Calla lilies, which will definitely make your neighbors envious.

The Calla lily is a popular flower and it is often chosen for bouquets and flower arrangements for various occasions. You can find endless ideas for bouquets of Calla lilies. As long as you let your imagination flow and get creative, you can easily prepare your own arrangements. The flowers express infinite beauty and innocence and giving them to a woman will be a big statement of admiration. In an arrangement the flower can be nicely combined with peonies, tulips and lilies: the result will be unique and magical. Mini calla lilies are great for unusual bridal bouquets – creating an eye-catching and dramatic effect. If you wish to be extra brave mix Calla lilies of different colours. The most popular colour is white, but it doesn’t have to be the only option. Calla lilies are one of the classiest and unique flowers used for wedding flower arrangements. You can grow and buy the following types of Calla lilies: white (associated with funerals), pink (perfect for weddings), red (crimson, ruby, burgundy and scarlet red), blue (obtained artificially, but extremely beautiful), purple (in a variety of different purple shades), yellow (named Queen Victoria and a symbol of both resurrection and birth), black (one of the darkest black flowers, carrying different names), and brown (exotic and more masculine, perfect for all sorts of events).