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Growing Your Own Roses

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Growing Your Own Roses
05Jul 2014

Growing Your Own Roses

The rose is officially the most popular and most bought flower in the world. Grown on every continent, throughout the year, the rose comes in a variety of pretty colours and with its soft and elegant petals and sweet fragrance, it is considered the most romantic flower. No other flower can beat the popularity of the rose. Even though many people nowadays claim that the rose is the most boring flower and a real cliché, florists and gardeners make fortune out of it. Growing roses is a profitable business idea. They do require good care and maintenance but the efforts are really worth it. Looking after rose bushes outdoors or growing roses in pots indoors is a great way to have a constant supply of this pretty flower and even sell it for a profit. If you are a beginner in gardening, here is more information on the specific things you need to consider.

You can choose between three major types of roses to grow, categorized in terms of where and how they grow: small shrubs, large shrubs and climbing roses. The small shrubs are divided into three popular types that are great for beginners. The Darcey Bussell is a short and bushy plant that likes heat, so you can grow it easily if you live in a warm country. The Charlotte is a bushy one that is fragrant and pretty. The Sopy’s Rose is free flowering and has bright red petals. It is the perfect romantic rose to give to your significant other on Valentine’s Day. When it comes to the large shrubs, you can choose between three more types. The Golden celebration rose produces many large blooms that are fragrant. The Eglantyne has soft pink flowers and a sweet scent; it is easy to grow and look after which makes it the perfect garden rose plant. The Mary Rose is a superbly beautiful bushy shrub which develops well if you take good care of it. In terms of the climbing roses, you can pick between the Aloha and the Crown Princess Margareta rose. The Aloha rose has pink flowers, it is hardy and it’s a short climber. It is free flowering and reaches up to 8 ft. It has quite a strong scent which might disturb some people if it’s placed in a smaller room where there’s not much ventilation. The Crown Princess Margareta Climbing rose, on the other hand, has large and neatly formed flowers in a soft apricot colour. The fragrance of the flowers is quite strong and as a climber it grows up to 11 ft. It is a great choice for arches, walls, trellis and rose pillars.

When making your first steps into rose growing, you need to make sure that you have the right soil for them. It needs to be well-drained with a pH about 5.5-7.0. The ideal soil for growing roses has 50% of organic material and 50% of material such as silt and soil (inorganic). With just a little help, roses are quite adaptable plants. Plant them either in July or early spring, depending on the type of climate in your area. Roses love sun exposure for at least six hours a day. If the soil in your garden is rich in compost and other organic material, you won’t need to feed the plants, but if it’s not then make sure you get a good fertilizer and follow the instructions on its packaging. Try not to overfirtilize the plants and feed them once or twice each season with a slow-release flowering food.