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Giving Flowers According To People's Moods

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Giving Flowers According To People's Moods
04May 2014

Giving Flowers According To People's Moods

The more researches are being made the more they show that flowers have the ability to brighten or improve more or less a person‘s mood. Scientists have long confirmed that the presence of nature in a room or in close proximity to a human being can bring only positive effects to the particular person. Flowers not only improve our behaviour and make us more optimistic but they also make our bodies healthier. It is undeniably true that when a person enters a room full of pleasantly smelling, visually attractive flowers, he starts to feel optimism and tranquility filling him up. Those scientific researches only prove how strong the positive effect of flowers is.

What is truly thrilling about the new researches on flowers is that they actually confirm people‘s believes that there is a much simpler way to heighten your senses and support your healthy condition and that is simply by adding more flowers to your surroundings. Doctors have personally stated that the power of flowers is quite enough to make pills, medicines and any other sort of relaxants completely useless. They are much less healthy and even though they might work at a certain moment more visibly their effect is certainly not lasting whereas with flowers your mood get improved without your realization, the process flows naturally and it improves not only your emotional state but also your health.

This is quite a natural response that has nothing to do with flowers emitting some sort of energy, other than their looks and aroma. Every time someone receives a flower, this makes him happy and every time someone smells it or sees a beautiful floral arrangement he feels tranquility and relaxation surrounding his senses. Scientists have proven that especially with women the surprising act of receiving nice flowers provokes among the strongest and most pleasant sensations in general.

Another great thing about the fact that flowers actually make people smile more is that the effect of any contact with gorgeous flowers is long lasting. This means that whenever a person is depressed or sad or in any way anxious, the quickest and most effective way for him to calm himself is to get his hands, nose and eyes on a bunch of lovely flowers. It is a great way to make someone happy. Do not forget however, that the flower itself is not enough. What makes the magic truly work is the surprise in the process of giving a flower. If there is no surprise you lose 50 percent of the effect. Remember that you can control the flow of emotion visually especially if the bouquet of flower you give is spectacular. If the colors go brighter at one person‘s direction this means that the effect on this person will be stronger and more positive. Giving flowers is all about the moment and the pleasant emotion so make sure you do it perfectly every step of the way. In this order of thoughts, make sure you research the emotions that are usually linked with flowers. For instance, red means passionate love, yellow means optimism and so on.

Flower power works both ways. Remember, you are the one who makes the gesture and in a way you give a part of your positive emotion to someone else. It is a very pleasant and intimate moment. You know exactly how good the flowers look like and how pleasantly they smell and when you surprise a person and make him even more happy with this special gift you will undoubtedly be influenced by it just as positively.