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Flowers That Require Special Care

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Flowers That Require Special Care
25Apr 2014

Flowers That Require Special Care

Flowers are one of the most beautiful natural ways of decorating your home. With the proper care you will have a beautiful flower garden in your home that will make you feel really comfortable when you are at home. Just like everything else, flowers can be either easy or difficult to take care of. Many flowers need special cares and their growth requires some special procedures. Usually these procedures include ensuring the proper air humidity (which in most cases should be above the average one), also special cares for the flower when it has stopped blooming or simply watering it with water different from the water you pour from the sink.

These flowers are often referred to as delicate ones and one of the most common requirements for their proper care is placing them in the right spot of your home. If you change their usual position and place them in another area of the home it is very likely that they will die. The following flowers require more special cares in order to have them beautiful and blooming.

1. Achimenes hybridum – it is named ‘the magical flower’ due to its beauty. The most important requirement about it is to keep it in a light place with a lot of sun light. When it is blooming you should water it more often than usual.

2. Aechmea – you should remember to filter the water before pouring it into the plant pot otherwise there will be white stains on the flower leaves. During the summer spray warm water on the whole plant in order to ensure the sufficient amount of air humidity that the flower requires to bloom. During the blooming period the flower needs to be watered more often than usual. In winter you can reduce the amount of water. The best place to keep the flower is in roomy places with enough sunlight and warmth. If possible keep it outdoors during the summer and take it inside when the weather becomes cool. The flower loves tepidity but not below 10 degrees Celsius. Avoid temperature changes.

3. Calathea – keep it in a warm place without sudden temperature changes as cold weather might damage the leaves of the plant. Temperatures between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius are perfect for the plant. Soil should be wet and do not water too often during the winter. In order to provide sufficient amount of air humidity, regularly spray water on the plant leaves. Do not place the plant in direct sun light as the colour of the leaves will whiten.

4. Azalea indica (Rhododendron) – in order to enjoy its beautiful blossoms you should keep the flower in a cool but light place. The most appropriate temperature of the air is about 16-17 degrees Celsius. Do not place it in direct sun light. The flower grows best in acid soil (level of pH – 4-4.5 is the best option for this flower).

5. Hibiscus – keep it in a warm place with temperature at least 15 degrees Celsius. The room should be well lit but do not place the flower in direct sun light. In summer you should water it more often than in other seasons.