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Flowers That Are Suitable For Covered Balconies

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Flowers That Are Suitable For Covered Balconies
09Mar 2014

Flowers That Are Suitable For Covered Balconies

A very good way of decorating your covered balcony is by placing all over it pot with flowers. Due to the fact that these type of balconies usually do not let enough sun light in you should carefully select the flowers you are going to place there. However, they have some great advantages compared to traditional balconies as they protect the flowers from wind, cold weather and rain. The following flowers do not require direct sun light in order to grow healthy and beautiful. This fact makes them the perfect choice for your covered balcony.

1. Gynura – this flower grows best in a semi-shadow spot. It is a preferred flower to be put inside of hanging boxes so that its beautiful violet blossoms can fall down from it. Keeping the flower in a perfect shape is actually pretty easy, all you need to do is to regularly water it and to make sure there is not too much light shining on it. However, as leaves have very unpleasant smell, it is a good idea to periodically remove them. Be extremely careful when taking care of gynura at your home as the flower is poisonous for pets and might cause several harms to them. Also keep small children away from it. Do not spray the leaves with water as they should not get wet as this will make them rot and the whole plant may die.

2. Colеus blumei– this is one of the most favourite home flowers. It is a perennial flower mostly famous for its beautiful colourful leaves. They can be either in yellow, green or red or even a combination of all of these colours. If you plant a number of the flowers in one pot you will have an incredible mixture of colours that will make your balcony a real wonderful place for rest. Some plants even have violet or golden shades on the leaves. This plant is extremely easy to take care of – simply place them in a semi shadow place and from March until September you should water it every day. Keep them away from too much heat as heat and not enough amount of water will result in falling of the leaves. A very important stage of the flower growth is the regular cutting of the leaves as the plant grows really quickly. Regular leaves cutting will prevent the flower leaves from losing their colours. Cutting should be done in the beginning of spring. IF the flower continues to grow too quick you can perform the cutting procedure one more time in the middle of summer. An interesting fact about the flower is that it is actually famous for its leaves not blossoms. Moreover, blossoms should be removed as soon as they appear.

3. Epipremnum aureum – this plant is mostly famous for its quick growth. It can be easily planted in hanging baskets or flower pots and can grow without problems even in a dark place without enough sun light. The flowers are hard in green, yellow or white shades on them. Regular cutting of the leaves will make the plant look like bush.