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Flowers: Overruling the Cliché

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Flowers: Overruling the Cliché
13Feb 2017

Flowers: Overruling the Cliché

Flowers have become something of a clichéd gift, for date nights and the like it seems very obvious that the only real way to be certain that you are being original is to not get flowers for your lady. As we approach the mother of all commercialised holidays – Valentines – overruling the cliché begins to sound like an impossible task. However, there are certain ways that flowers can retain the personal touch and still be the valued and appreciated gift that everyone is so fond of.

Personalising has to be the key word here, and there are a variety of ways in which flowers can become a personal gift rather than a cliché.

The Note: Anonymous flowers say stalker rather than sexy secret lover so on the whole; don’t do it. Even if you are giving the flowers personally face to face then it they still need to have the extra touch of care. Also, even a small note illustrating the sentiment of the flowers will have some worth because it will inevitably last longer than the flowers themselves. The note serves as a reminder and a lasting token of the kind and thoughtful gesture that was the flowers. Every single note will be different and it is for this reason that the flowers remain thoughtful and personal.

The Presentation: It’s a small point, but giving a bunch of flowers wrapped in the petrol station shop bag does not say heartfelt gesture. Giving them in any sort of plastic bag is a definite no unless it is to stop them dripping everywhere, in which case the bag can probably be removed just before you hand over the flowers. Another thing which is completely key in the presentation and delivery of flowers is removing the price. Obviously you paid money for the flowers but letting the recipient know how much is obviously poor form. It is better to take the label off completely, even if it seems to leave the sticky label residue behind. Scribbling out the price but leaving the label on does not seem to send as clear a message about the forethought which taking off the price completely does do.
Size: By this I mean, volume of flowers – how many constitute your gift. Some people prefer the single stem and others think that depth of feeling is in direct correlation with size of bouquet.

Both of these view points are, of course, perfectly valid but there needs to be some thought behind the choice you make. Larger bouquets are difficult to carry of you are delivering by hand but a single stem is fragile and runs the risk of being crushed. With bouquets you can probably say many things with each flower meaning something to you or the recipient of the bouquet. A single stem sends one message and if this message is the right one and the right flower it’s the sort of gesture that could do wonderful things – but this is a lot of pressure. On the other hand, a mid point is to give a bunch of flowers, not too big but varied and full enough to slightly lift the pressure. Though you have to bear in mind that for some people size does matter – a bunch might not cut it.

Hopefully, this has made it clear that flowers don’t have to be a thoughtless cliché or an easy way out when it comes to gift giving. They can have a meaning. You just need to give them a bit of thought.