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Flowers for Your Anniversary

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Flowers for Your Anniversary
28Jan 2014

Flowers for Your Anniversary

For years now people have used flowers to express their feelings towards another person. On the mother’s day we thank our mothers for her care and show our appreciation with flowers. We give flowers to our teachers again as a sign of appreciation and thankfulness. We also use flowers as a romantic gesture and to express our love. The feeling of love has been celebrated in many ways and with different presents. However, the most preferable present seems to be flowers. Because flowers are so elegant and magnificent, they are very often associated with the feeling of love and appreciation. A beautiful bouquet of red roses or white orchid, together with a breathtaking poem have always been considered the most romantic gesture. Knowing their meaning and significance, flowers are the perfect present for your anniversary.

If you want to know what kind of flowers to buy for your beloved for the anniversary, use the list of ideas given in this article.

With their variety of colors, carnations are the perfect way to show your beloved how much you love them and promise an everlasting love. Red carnations for example, represent love, fidelity and charity. Giving your lady a bouquet of red carnations is like telling her:’ I love and cherish you’. This makes the flowers the perfect present for your anniversary. Your beloved will appreciate the great present you have chosen.

White Lily
With its perfectly white color , lily expresses purity. Presenting white lily for your anniversary expresses the sincerity and purity of your love. There is no other romantic gesture that could so clearly show your feelings toward your beloved ones. Besides, the perfectly white color conveys the pure side of femininity.

Calla Lilies
With its elegant shape and perfect color, calla lilies symbolize the growth of your love and the pride of having that special someone. These flowers are most appropriate for a 6th anniversary. There are a variety of colors among which you can choose, but the most elegant and magnificent is the white. This color represents the innocence, purity and elegance of your beloved lady.

This is the most astonishing and elegant present for your anniversary. White Freesia for instance is a symbol of purity and innocence, while yellow Freesia symbolizes thoughtfulness and trust. With its magnificent beauty and rich colors, Freesia is a traditional flower for an anniversary, expressing the purest and deepest love.

Bird of Paradise
With its shape like a bird and its perfect colors, this flower may represent your great love expressed like a paradise. This flower is an expression of one of the most magnificent side of love and romance. Most people prefer giving this flower on their 9th anniversary, since it expresses the meaning of their love and marriage. The bird may symbolize the freedom in your marriage, while the paradise is the life you have created together and celebrating on that special day.


For many people this is the most romantic flower and the greatest declaration of love. The great variety of colors and the unique shape of this flower makes it the most preferable flower for many women. Legend has that the center of this flower represents the heart of the beloved being darkened by passion.

There is nothing more spectacular and lovelier than a bouquet of colorful flowers for your anniversary. Your anniversary day is the day when you celebrate your love and the time spend with your wife. This is why this day has to be the most special and romantic, filled with love and appreciation. The best way to make that day special for your loved one is to give them a bouquet of beautiful flowers.