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Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries

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Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries
29Dec 2013

Flowers for Wedding Anniversaries

Normally, anniversaries are a celebration of marriage. To express your love and gratitude to your husband or wife, giving flowers is the best way to do it. Romance is not complete without beautiful flowers. Flowers are also sent to wish friends and relatives a happy anniversary.

Wedding anniversaries are important occasions for married couples to express their love for one another. This special day is supposed to bring back the memories of why couples chose to marry each other. Every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated and the best way to express and convey your love for someone is by sending them flowers. For every year of a wedding anniversary, a different flower is traditionally given. Of course, you are not obliged to send the right type of flower. Most people would just be pleased to be given flowers of any kind. What makes flowers so special is that each different type has its own individual meaning so you can pretty much send your loved one a personal message through flowers. However, if your partner has a favorite type of flower, this would be another choice of flowers you could give to him or her.

If, however, you are sending flowers for friends or family for their anniversary, wish them luck by sending them a beautifully arranged flower bouquet. This shows you care, and they’ll probably return the favor for your wedding anniversary.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your 1st year together or 50th year together, show your loved one how much you care by sending flowers. Red roses are the most commonly given flower on wedding anniversaries as these symbolize love. Traditionally, however, a certain type of flower is given depending on how many years you and your partner have been married. You may be familiar with the anniversary years like the aluminum wedding anniversary for your 10th anniversary, the books wedding anniversary for the 4th anniversary, and the bronze wedding anniversary which celebrates the 8th wedding anniversary.
Here is a list of anniversary years with the associated flowers that are supposed to be given on that particular year:

• Carnations – 1st
• Cosmos – 2nd
• Fuchsias – 3rd
• Geraniums – 4th
• Daisies – 5th
• Calla lilies -6th
• Jack in the pulpit – 7th
• Clematis – 8th
• Poppies – 9th
• Daffodils 10th
• Morning glory – 11th
• Peonies – 12th
• Hollyhocks – 13th
• Dahlias – 14th
• Roses – 15th
• Day lilies – 20th
• Iris – 25th
• Orchids – 28th
• Sweet pea – 30th
• Nasturtiums – 40th
• Violets -50th

There are many couples who like giving traditional anniversary flowers on the year of their anniversary. Some give them to each other and sometimes use them in decorations as well, if they are having a celebratory part for their wedding anniversary. However not all couples do it this way. There are no rules when it comes to giving anniversary flowers. Most of the time red roses and carnations are given as these are both associated with love.

Another option you could opt for is to go to a professional florist and request a flower bouquet arrangement. An alternative way is to give your loved one the flowers that were used on your wedding day. That would be very romantic indeed. And it shows that you remember what flowers were used on your special day.

Flowers are a great gift and token of love to give to your partner on your wedding anniversary. They send an unvoiced message to your loved one, telling them you love and care for them deeply. Whatever choice of flowers you give will be very much appreciated.