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Flowers For Every Occasion
29May 2013

Flowers For Every Occasion

The tradition to give flowers to others has been living since ancient times. No matter the occasion, flowers are considered a symbol of respect, gratitude and love. The first people who started to think about the hidden messages flowers carry in themselves were the people living in the Victorian times. They were also the first ones who started to care about the way the flowers are given. Nowadays traditions have not changed too much.
We still give flowers to people around us when the occasion calls for it. Here is a list with the most popular occasions when we are supposed to buy flowers.

1. Courtship
Of course, what could be a better reason to give flowers to a woman than to show her your feelings. Since Victorian age men have been giving flowers to those women they are in love with in order to express their romantic feelings. There is even a belief that the way the woman takes the flowers can say a lot about her feelings towards the man. If the woman takes the flowers with her right hand, this means that she has the same feelings towards the man while if she takes them with the left hand – it is more likely that she is indifferent. However, these are just beliefs and superstitions so you better not take them for absolute truth.

2. Flowers for your wedding anniversary
There is no need to explain. Flowers given for every wedding anniversary express not only love but also a couple of other emotions that come with the wedding. For example, the first year of marriage is connected to the carnation as a symbol of adornment, love and trust. On the fifth year of marriage the husband is supposed to give his wife a bouquet of daisies as they symbolise the class and skills of the woman. Peony is a traditional flower given at the 12th wedding anniversary and it represents the wish for a long and happy family life. Roses should be given at the 15th anniversary of marriage and the combination of yellow roses (standing for gold) and violets (loyalty) is the best choice for a bouquet for your 50th wedding anniversary.

3. In case of health issues
A tradition that has survived through the years is to give flowers to a person who is ill. It is believed that these flowers can make the person feel better, make them smile and get on well more easily and quickly. In this situation what matters is the colour of the flowers and not their kind. Colours that bring joyful mood are yellow, orange and pink. Blue colour symbolises tranquillity and is also a good choice when making a visit to an ill person. A bouquet of narcissuses means renovation but avoid giving a single narcissus as it is believed to bring bad luck. A bouquet of freesias is also very suitable as it stands for friendship.

4. Flowers for a funeral
Even though they are believed to bring good mood, sometimes flowers should be given in sad situations. The choice of appropriate flowers when going to a funeral is extremely important as they will help you express your respect to the person who has died and to show support to their relatives. The most appropriate choice in this situation are white lilies as they are considered the flowers of sorrow.