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Flowers According to the Astrology Sign

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Flowers According to the Astrology Sign
17Apr 2013

Flowers According to the Astrology Sign

Just like every flower has its own color and fragrant, each one of them symbolizes different things. According to the feelings you want to convey, you can choose what kind of flowers to present to your friend, mother or wife. How would you know whether she likes this kind of flowers? There is one very effective way to make sure that your present will be liked and it is through the astrological sign of that person. So, the next time you are wondering whether to present a bouquet of yellow lilies or pink roses, you can check the astrological sign to help you decide.

If the person you want to give flowers to were born under the sign of Aries, tulips are the perfect choice. The people of this astrological sign are known to be passionate and confident. This is the first sign in astrology, so Aries people are often called leaders. Their enthusiasm and passion is expressed through the color red and their elegance is conveyed through the gentleness of tulips.

Although, best known for their determined characters and strong willpower, the romantic side of Taurus’s people is displayed in the lilies, which are a symbol of this astrological sign. These are the people who value beauty and sensibility, which is why they like mainly lilies. Lilies are the most sensuous flowers of all, which perfectly match the sensible characters of Taurus’s people.

This is the most versatile astrological sign of all. People born under the sign of Gemini are the most adaptable and light-hearted. The flower that best expresses their inventiveness and genuine is roses, which symbolize love and compassion. As different types of roses convey a variety of feelings, so is the Gemini person character versatile.

Cancer is considered the most emotional of all astrological zodiacs. This is why it is not surprising that delphinium is the perfect flower for those people. Delphiniums are a symbol of love, passion and lightheartedness , which perfectly match the romantic soul of people born under the sign of Cancer.

People born under this sign are known as the most cheerful and warmhearted of all. Their smile and mild character are often compared with the warmth of the sun. This is why your perfect present for a Leo person must be a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers.

There is one word that best describes Virgo people and it is diligence. While these people are known as shy and introvert , they possess the exceptional ability to connect with those around them. For these people you need a flower that will connect with their most sensible and caring side, and there is not a better one than asters. With their perfect colors and unique shapes, asters represent the uniqueness and gentleness of Virgo’s character.

Extremely charming and exceptional romantics, the perfect flower for Libra people is hydrangeas. They have unique shapes, like Libra’s distinctive characters. No matter what color you choose, pink, blue or red, a person born under this sign will definitely appreciate these flowers.

Scorpio is the only sign that has both power and passion in his character. They are known as the strongest people of all. This is why, red peonies are the most appropriate choice for people born under this sign. The color red conveys the extreme passion of Scorpio and the shape of this flower expresses their power.

Match the Sagittarius powerful character with carnations, the most versatile flowers of all. Carnations represent the passion for life, the adventurous and lively character of people born under the sign Sagittarius.

Symbolizing stableness and sensuality, the African violets are the perfect present for people born under the sign of Capricorn. These are the people best known for their responsibility and seriousness, but they also have a sensual and mild character, which can be best represented by African violets.

With its elegant and exquisite shape, orchids match the grace of Aquarius person’s personality. Being a symbol of everlasting love and beauty, orchids perfectly represent the loyalty of people born under this astrological sign.

These are the people best known for their mild characters and exceptional patience. They are also most popular among other people thanks to their open hearts and generous nature. Present a flower that will best convey your feelings and also have in mind the sense of luxury and magnificent these people possess. Alstroemieria, a flower resembling lilies, is the perfect match of beauty and luxury.