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Flowers as a Symbol of Love

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Flowers as a Symbol of Love
26Jul 2013

Flowers as a Symbol of Love

Who does not love flowers? They make us feel so loved and appreciated and are always an appropriate present and a sign of love. It has become a tradition for men to give their beloved ladies flowers to express their feelings. Besides, flowers express elegance and feminity, which makes them so loved and preferred by women. There is no better way to say someone how much they mean to you, by giving them a colorful bouquet of beautiful and fresh flowers. Of course, when giving someone flowers, you have to consider their personal taste and preferences. Some people prefer red roses, while others adore orchids.

If you find it difficult to choose what flowers are appropriate to present, here is a list of the most popular flowers , symbolizing love and beauty.


Roses have always been known as the symbol of love and romance. When you give someone roses, you convey your deepest feelings of love. As you may know, roses have their own language and meaning, which is expressed through the color. For example white roses, symbolize innocence, while red roses are a symbol of passion and love. If you want to express compassion and gratitude, pink roses are the perfect choice. They don’t only look magnificent, but also are a symbol of elegance. As a present to your best friend, you may give yellow roses, since they symbolize friendship.

Calla Lily

Many people find the Calla Lily the most beautiful and astonishing flowers among all. As most flowers, calla lily comes in a variety of colors and shapes, which makes them the perfect choice for any occasion. The great combination of beauty and purity has been long appreciated and loved by people. Although, these flowers can be presented on any occasion, they are mostly considered wedding bouquet flowers, because of the purely white color. Giving someone calla lily expresses your admiration of their purity and innocence.


Tulips, like red roses are a symbol of the perfect love. They are third most popular flowers worldwide and are the most preferable present for many women. What could be a better present than a colorful bouquet of tulips, expressing love and admiration? The beauty and meaning of these flowers have made them the ideal present for many women.
image alt text: Orchids


If your lady likes exotic flowers, orchids could be the perfect choice. Women like to have their feminity cherished and the best way to do that is by presenting a magnificent bouquet of the exotic prettiness. With their mixture of colorful beauty and purity, orchids have become the most favorite flowers for many women. They are appropriate for all kinds of occasions, like birthdays , valentines day and anniversary. A bouquet of these exotic flowers will best express your sincere love and admiration.


If you want to celebrate and appreciate the pure beauty, amaryllis are the perfect way to do that. Like the other flowers, amaryllis also come in different color like red, white, pink all of which have diverse meaning and symbols. Red amaryllis for example, symbolize beauty and everlasting love, which makes them the best present for valentines day.

Truth is, all kinds of flowers invoke feelings of appreciation and love. Giving someone a bouquet of beautiful red roses or white orchids, is the best way to express your feelings. With their variety of color and beauty, flowers have become the most preferable present for many women. As a matter of fact , for most women flowers are a greater sing of love than an expensive jewelry , because they are more personal and make women feel special.