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Flowers According to Occasion
29Mar 2013

Flowers According to Occasion

Life is a gift and it needs to be celebrated and cherished. There are so many occasions, which make us happy, like wedding day, the birth of your child, graduations and the day we celebrate and honor love, Valenitine’ day. Any of these days carries a special meaning and invokes feelings of happiness and joy, which is why they have to be celebrated. The best way to celebrate a special day is to give your beloved person flowers. People love getting meaningful presents and there is nothing more loved and beautiful , than to receive a bouquet of your favorite flowers.

Here is a list of flowers according to occasions:

Valentine’s Day Flowers:
Valentines’ day is the day when we show our love. This is the most passionate and the happiest day for many couples. It has become a tradition for a man to give flowers to his beloved lady on Valentine’s day, as a sign of love. If you want to make the perfect present for this special day, consider a Sunflower. Generally, these flowers symbolize joy and happiness, but when given as a sign of love they express admiration. Another good choice for a Valentine’s day flower is tulips. With their perfect shape and gentle colors, tulips best express your feelings of true love and happiness.

Mother’s day Flowers:
Mothers are the most special people in our lives, who we honor in Mother’s day. If you want to show your mother how much you appreciate her, the best flowers are pink carnations. Apart from being exceptionally beautiful , these flowers represent the love between a mother and her child. When choosing flowers for your mother, consider her taste and preferences. What color does she like? Does she prefer sweet pink or elegant white? Will the color yellow make her smile on that special day?

Christmas Flowers:
For Christmas, flowers have a special meaning; they are a symbol of life and joy. This is why, it is a good idea to give your loved ones a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The perfectly white snow , which covers the ground, is a symbol of Christmas. This is why, the best flowers are those in with small shapes and white colors, like Dendrobium orchids. Their shape resembles snowflakes, and the white color matches the color of the snow.
Birthday flowers:
If you want to make the perfect present for your loved one’s birthday , there are a number of flowers which you can choose from. Carnations are the flowers , which match the passionate character of people born in January. Being exceptionally beautiful , they are most appropriate for people with an exquisite taste. Another elegant flower , which symbolize purity and innocence is white orchids. Because of their exceptional beauty , orchids are the most favorite flowers for many women. If you want to bring the sun to the happiest day of your best friend, you can give a beautiful bouquet of yellow daffodils. This color has always symbolized the sun and the springtime, when everything is covered with flowers and the weather is shining. Although, any flower can make a very attractive bouquet for a birthday, they all have different meanings and convey different feelings. Depending on what you want to say with your present, you can choose what will be the best flowers.

Holidays and special days of celebration are the most favorite times for many of us. These are the times when we show how much we care about the other people, by giving them beautiful flowers. Use the tips given in this article, to choose the best present according to the occasion.