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Flowers: a birthday gift with a meaningful twist

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Flowers: a birthday gift with a meaningful twist
25Feb 2013

Flowers: a birthday gift with a meaningful twist

Flowers can often be a last-minute choice of gift, with little thought, bought from a late night garage after an awkward, sorry-I-forgot moment.
However, if you choose wisely and put a little thought into your choice of flowers, a beautiful bouquet can be the perfect present; brightening up the home, a fragrant injection of life and the perfect greeting for a loved one. So, next time you’re stuck for a gift, why not choose your flowers by month?

January – Carnation
Carnations are a beautiful flower with vibrant, blossoming petals that look perfect in any room. They’re also the flower of January. Whatever the reason, they’re the ideal gift as they not only look lush, but come embedded with meaning for that special date.

February – Iris
February means violet, so why not surprise a loved one with a stunning bunch of Iris’? These beautiful, bright petals are a bold statement and are the perfect antidote to a cold and chilly birthday. The delicate flower also blends well with white or yellow flowers.

March –Daffodil
March welcomes spring, and with that the iconic daffodil, a staple of new beginnings and the start of summer months. A bunch of daffodils is certain to put a smile on anyone’s face, whereas a single daffodil in a stylish vase is a great gift idea.

April – Daisy
Daisies are significant to April; they’re beautiful little flowers but can be slightly dull on their own. For a flower lover, why not opt for a daisy design across cards, jewellery or accessories for a poignant gift.

May – Lily
Those who are celebrating in May are spoilt for choice with Lilies. Opt for vibrant Lilies in a gorgeous bouquet, available in a range of colours with a fragrant scent, or go for Lily of the Valley, a smaller, snowdrop type bud of soft white.

June – Rose
The perfect flower for the perfect gift, especially for the girls, splash out with a magnificent bunch, or go simple with a single, significant Rose. Again, a rose is an iconic flower, available in fresh or plastic varieties, all of which look fabulous.

July – Delphinium
Delphiniums are tropical plants available in bright blue, soft lilac and fresh white – a bouquet of all shades are a stunning compliment to any home. These flowers are available in tall blossoming stems, or as bunches of elegant petals, and a good florist will create you the perfect selection.

August – Gladiolus
Gladiolus is synonymous with August, and is the perfect range of summer flowers to make anyone’s day. They’re available in a collection of shades; from luscious lilacs and pastel blues, right through to vibrant oranges and sunshine yellows.

September – Forget-me-not
Myosotis’, or forget-me-nots, are for anyone celebrating September. These soft blue, bushy flowers inject a soft glow of fresh, winter colour. Their small buds are a collection of adorable petals and a bunch of these will be a fantastic gift, either as a bouquet, or as decoration.

October – Calendula
Calendula, or as they’re more commonly known, Marigolds, are the ever popular gold flowers perfect for brightening up a winter’s day. For anyone celebrating a special date in October, Marigolds are a rich and vibrant flower, with luscious, warm tones.

November – Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemums are a perfect, budget flower, available in most supermarkets and florists. Despite, their affordability, they’re a beautiful gift and can be found in any colour to suit every taste. Bright, playful and vibrant, these beautiful flowers are November favourites.

December – Poinsettia
December is famed for Poinsettias, Christmassy red, extravagant and the perfect winter flower. They make an exceptional gift for any special December date; their bold, flowing petals bring the festive feel indoors, and are perfect indoor plants, as well as being extremely affordable and available almost everywhere over the Christmas months.